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Find out more about the Susumaniello by Tenute Rubino

The Best Quality-To-Price Ratio Award goes to Brindisi Rosso Oltremè 2019 Susumaniello by Tenute Rubino

Our Vini d'Italia 2022 guide’s award for the best quality-to-price ratio takes us to the province of Brindisi, Puglia, to discover a little-known, yet of great value native grape variety: the Susumaniello.

Oct. 13 2021

Emerging Winery Award according to Vini d’Italia 2022 guide: Bentu Luna

Contemporary wines, rich in charm and authenticity, capable of capturing the best aspects of past wine making and of rendering the right (economic and social) value to the land itself. Bentu Luna wins the Emerging Winery award in the Vini ...Leggi altro

Oct. 12 2021
Find out more about Sagrantino’s territory, Montefalco

Montefalco: alongside Sagrantino, other great red and white wines are flourishing

The Umbrian hills have found a greater appreciation of their potential, no longer focused only on Sagrantino. Here are the other great local wines.

Oct. 12 2021

Best baguette championship in Paris. The race between French bread bakers

It's been at the centre of the media's attention due to comments that appeared on the winner's Facebook page, but the championship for the best baguette in Paris deserves to be told. Here's how it works.

Oct. 12 2021
Find out more about steaming

Steaming: how to do it and recipes to make at home

If your goal is to preserve the nutritional properties of the ingredients, steaming, typical of oriental cuisine, is the way to go. Here are a few recipes to make at home.

Oct. 08 2021
Find out more about coconut flour

Coconut flour: recipes and nutritional properties

No vials, vanillin and aromas of dubious origin: with coconut flour it's possible to make delectable, fragrant cakes. From creamy flans to moist cookies, to fresh ricotta macaroons, we have selected for you the most delicious recipes to prepare at ...Leggi altro

Oct. 08 2021

Home-cooking, gnocchi: Potato gnocchi, Semolina gnocchi, pumpkin gnocchi and bread gnocchi

Four main ingredients for four types of gnocchi. Here are the tricks and recipes for preparing potato, semolina, pumpkin and bread gnocchi.

Oct. 08 2021
Find out more about Cantina San Michele

Cantina San Michele. The island of Marzemino (and more)

The fully organic winery produces around 70,000 bottles from a 40-acre vineyard with an average of 25-year-old vines, with the exception of one parcel where the vines are 60 years old. Here is Cantina San Michele.

Oct. 06 2021
Find out more about Maiolica Mania

Majolica Mania, the exhibition in New York dedicated to majolica tableware

From floral teapots to oyster plates: the Bard Graduate Center in New York presents an exhibition on the history and art of polychrome glazed pottery.

Oct. 06 2021

Tenuta Casadei: an international project embracing the Biointegrale philosophy

Respect for the land and biodiversity, while keeping a watchful eye on soil health, plants and insects. These are the pillars of the wine project by Stefano Casadei and Fred Cline. Here is Tenuta Casadei.

Oct. 05 2021

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