Panettone and pandoro, the desserts of Italian Christmas

Panettone and Pandoro are the Italian Christmas classics. Here is the history of these two cakes.

Zabaglione: history and curiosity

Part beverage, part dessert, in any case delicious: it's hard to say no to zabaglione, a sweet whipped egg-based cream that's perfect for the winter season. History and recipe of the hot pudding.

Christmas nuts and dried fruits. Christmas dry fruits. Dates: properties, nutritional values and kitchen uses

Consumed by the Egyptians and Romans, dates are widely used both in cooking and in confectionery. Here are some curiosities and tasty suggestions.

Christmas nuts & dried fruit. Dried figs: properties, nutritional values and uses in the kitchen

They may not be the best from a nutritional standpoint, but during the holidays one can allow a few exceptions to the rule: so here's what you need to know about dried figs.

Christmas nuts & dried fruit. Almonds: properties, nutritional values and uses in the kitchen

Use them to make vegetable drinks and butters, employ them in sweet and savoury dishes, but also very good to munch on at the end of a meal: characteristics and culinary use of almonds.

Christmas recipes. Christmas eve dinner ideas

Christmas eve is finally here. Here are a few ideas for tonight's dinner.

Christmas recipes. Canederli

If you don't know how to use up stale bread, try to make Italian canederli. Here's the recipe!

Christmas recipes. Gelato al Mont Blanc

It's time to try gelato al Mont Blanc: here's how to make it.

Christmas recipes. Fried calamari in orange and onion compote

Fried calamari should always be crispy and savoury: here's how to make them.

Christmas recipes. Capon Ravioli in apple broth

Ravioli are always a good idea. What about capon ravioli? Here's the recipe.
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