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Wine markets: the free trade agreement increases EU wine in Japan

The trade agreement between the European Union and Japan is helping EU wine export. Here are the results.

Jun. 04 2019

China ready to overcome Germany among buyer countries

The general trend of the Chinese Market was down by 2%, after years of great expansion. Australia and Chile are the countries that benefited from tax duties with the most plus signs. Here are all the details.

Apr. 24 2019

France: upward estimates for production, but exports slow

On the production front, the French Ministry of Agriculture has revised upwards the estimates of 2018, bringing them to 49.47 million hectoliters of wine. But pdo prices fall. Here are the details.

Mar. 22 2019

Italy is the best European exporter thanks to Prosecco

In the last five years, we saw a real growth of Itlaian wine, especially for its Prosecco. The data by Wine Monitor.

Mar. 06 2019

The new “look” of Champagne is raising controversy

Everyone loves Champagne: in France, there's now a controversy over the image of a popular Champagne, suitable for all occasions, especially the informal ones. Here are the details.

Mar. 05 2019

UK: the colour pink tickles Britain’s spirits and wine market

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association say that 2018 was a record year for gin sales, especially pink gin. Here are all the details.

Feb. 28 2019

China: zero duty for Aussie wines. Australia now accelerates

The zeroing of duties was the last step of the free trade agreement Chafta-China Australia Free Trade Agreement, signed in Camberra in 2015. Tariffs have been reduced since then and Australia is not the second largest wine supplier in China.

Feb. 18 2019

For the French, Italy is the leading country in the wine market

According to a French study, Italy obtains the leading position in the wine market thanks to its native grapes and competitive prices. All the results.

Jan. 15 2019

Paolo Leo, entrepreneur at the service of wine and Salento

Paolo Leo did not stop at inheriting his father's property along with his innate passion for wine and work, but in a few years he created an unmistakable brand: the evolution of Apulia’s wines.

Dec. 18 2018

Australia: winemakers experiment more Italian grapes

Australian winemakers continue to experiment with Italian grapes. Prosecco is rising in popularity, while other grapes are being planted to respond to changing consumer preferences.

Dec. 14 2018
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