Origins and curious facts about corn flakes, the breakfast cereals

Invented in the late 1800s as a healthy product for low-calories diets, toasted corn flakes are still eaten today as a typical breakfast dish. Here is their origin story.

Apr. 14 2021

Donuts: history and curiosities about American fried donuts

From artisanal to industrial production, by way of legends and folktales: here's all there is to know about the legendary American donuts.

Mar. 08 2021

Massimo Bottura’s refectory in the United States: already operational in San Francisco, and New York coming soon

The Food For Soul refectory in San Francisco quietly opened in the first weeks of 2021, marking the debut of the project by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore in the United States. Next stop: Harlem, New York

Feb. 26 2021

Candy cane: History and legend of red and white Christmas sticks

The J-shape of Jesus, the stripes that represent a coded language... what's really behind the famous American candy canes?

Dec. 10 2020

History, tales and success of gingerbread men

Christmas cookies are now known everywhere with their English name, gingerbread men. Their origin, in fact, can be traced back to the Elizabethan court. But not only...

Nov. 13 2020

Joe Biden: rural America, the right to food and commercial trade

Joe Biden is the President-elect of the United States of America. His program includes sustainability, environmental commitment and agriculture.

Nov. 10 2020

…last meals. The exhibition in New York on the book that narrates the last meals of the sentenced to death

Burger and fries, candy, a red apple. These are some of the last requests from death row inmates in US prisons, now collected in a book and exhibition.

Sep. 04 2020

Mandatory composting in Vermont, to protect the environment and the circular economy

Household or neighbourly, composting is now mandatory in Vermont, a state of rural communities seeking to live more sustainably.

Aug. 24 2020

The dining sector in the US is on its knees: 5.9 million unemployed, a recession taking us back 30 years

The monthly U.S. Department of Labor report, which provides updates on national unemployment rate, details 20.5 million jobs lost in April. One in four in the restaurant industry, halving its number of employees, but there's hope for a restart.

May. 15 2020

Steven Raichlen grills Italy. The king of barbecue on filming with Gambero Rosso

Ex-food critic, TV personality, above all a lover of fine dining and a passionate cook, Steven Raichlen has found in grilling his best means of expression. Filming of his new TV programme of Gambero Rosso Channel is concluded. The show ...Leggi altro

Nov. 08 2017
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