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The true story of American fried green tomatoes

The kitchen is the fulcrum of the life, love and rebellion of Idgie and Ruth, protagonists of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. But what are the true origins of the dish?

May. 20 2021

American desserts: classic recipes to try at home

From the famous apple pie to red velvet cake, by way of donuts, cookies and banana split: here are some American desserts to try.

May. 05 2021

All about the tradition of mixing coffee and ice in Italy and the rest of the world

In Lecce “caffè con ghiaccio” is a sacred ritual. The inventor is Antonio Quarta, but the beverage’s roots plunge deep in antiquity and far from the Italian peninsula. Vietnam to Australia, the history of the Puglia beverage.

Mar. 31 2021

Made in Italy agri-food export. The US suspends duties, but there are rising concerns from the UK and China

Four months of suspension of duties launched by the Trump government to start a new confrontation between the EU and the US in the Biden era. Made in Italy gains, especially in the dairy sector. But more troubles are looming ...Leggi altro

Mar. 14 2021

American cuisine: typical dishes and recipes to replicate at home

From pulled pork to lobster roll, stuffed turkey and apple pie: here are 10 United States specialties to try.

Mar. 10 2021

Spaghetti and meatballs: history of the American dish whose roots are in Italy

How are the famous spaghetti Lady and the Tramp loved born? This is why spaghetti and meatballs are so famous in Italian restaurants in the United States.

Mar. 05 2021

Apple pie: history, variations and recipes around the world

Perfect snack for children, irresistible guilty pleasure for adults: apple pie is a classic that never goes out of style. Here is how it's prepared in Italy and around the world.

Jan. 06 2021

Dan Barber changes everything: in 2021 he’s leaving the kitchen, Blue Hill will be a residence for chefs in dire straits

Four chefs, one per season, will be at the reins of one of the most famous kitchens in the United States: Blue Hill at Stone Barns, founded by Dan Barber in the Hudson Valley countryside. The goal is promoting gender ...Leggi altro

Sep. 14 2020

Italy seen from the USA. Gambero Rosso travel diary

While Covid-19 continued to advance in Italy, GamberoRosso Roadshow went on in the States, receiving a warm welcome and manyencouraging messages for Italy: “Don't give up. We look forward to seeing youstronger than ever."

Mar. 20 2020

California: in Napa Valley, wine tourism is a driving force in the economy

Tourist in Napa Valley are mainly attracted by the wine-related experience, especially the tasting in wineries. Here is how wine tourism is leading Californian economy.

Jun. 18 2019
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