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Filipino-American Cuisine: The Story of Abi Balingit, Blogger, Pastry Chef, and Author

It is the result of culinary "cross pollination", full of flavours and aromas to be discovered. A young pastry chef took care of making Filipino cuisine known in America, with her blog and now also a book of desserts that...

Mardi Gras: history and typical products of the New Orleans Carnival

Rich Creole cuisine gives its best during the Carnival period: here's what to eat in New Orleans on Mardi Gras.

Street food from around the world. United States: burgers, hot dogs, bagels and grilled cheese

It is perhaps the country that has made street food one of its most famous culinary symbols. Today we're in the United States, in search of the most delicious and famous street foods.

Halloween: history, recipes and traditions of the witch festival

Halloween is one of the most spectacular and funny American holidays, but its tradition hides a spiritual and ancient soul. 31 October’s history and typical dishes.

American cuisine: typical dishes and recipes to replicate at home

From pulled pork to lobster roll, stuffed turkey and apple pie: here are 10 United States specialties to try.

American desserts: classic recipes to try at home

From the famous apple pie to red velvet cake, by way of donuts, cookies and banana split: here are some American desserts to try.

Beehive Bagels, delivery offers real American bagels in Rome

For a delicious breakfast or for a quick snack, bagels are the perfect American alternative to Italian pastries. For really good ones, in Rome there's a delivery service created by an American couple who prepares them fresh every day.

Food and cinema. The true story of American fried green tomatoes

The kitchen is the fulcrum of the life, love and rebellion of Idgie and Ruth, protagonists of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. But what are the true origins of the dish?

Apple pie: history, variations and recipes around the world

Perfect snack for children, irresistible guilty pleasure for adults: apple pie is a classic that never goes out of style. Here is how it's prepared in Italy and around the world.

Destination Abruzzo. Abruzzo explained to Americans by an Italian blogger

She began by telling the Italians about America, but today Angela is committed to making Abruzzo known in the States. With the help of her husband she has devised a digital project that organizes trips and online experiences, as well...
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