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Washington DC. The Best Italians in America

The American capital is not only the political heart of the country, but it is also a sophisticated city where the world’s cuisines are especially authentic. The best Italian tables are here. Even home food shopping is aimed at direct ...Leggi altro

Sep. 09 2017

Ready made food and recipes that don’t require refrigeration: Amazon’s newest feat

Jeff Bezos’ enterprise is unstoppable. Among the newest projects and innovation developed by e-commerce leader Amazon after the purchase of Whole Foods, is a series of ready-made products with a long shelf life and that don’t require refrigeration. 

Aug. 29 2017

Fighting food waste. New York makes clean energy from leftovers

As the commitment to environmental sustainability becomes urgent, food habits and customs are changing. New approaches to fighting waste continually emerge.

Jul. 06 2017

United States. Tax on wine imports. For or against?

After saying goodbye to free trade agreements with Europe, the next American protectionist move could be the imposition of a 20% tax on all imports into the United States, including wine.

Jun. 03 2017

All about the tradition of mixing coffee and ice in Italy and the rest of the world

In Lecce “caffè con ghiaccio” is a sacred ritual. The inventor is Antonio Quarta, but the beverage’s roots plunge deep in antiquity and far from the Italian peninsula. Vietnam to Australia, the history of the Puglia beverage

Jul. 18 2016
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