Piemonte told in 12 traditional biscotti plus a recipe for ‘baci di dama’ by the Gallizioli bakery

In the world of cookies and biscuits – a varied scenario of traditional recipes that often draw from historical events – today we land in Piemonte. Bonus recipe by maestro Walter Gallizioli.

Jul. 21 2021

Cassoeula: origin, history and recipe

Every area makes its own version, but all share the same simplicity and use of food waste: here's how cassoeula was born, and how it's made.

Jun. 25 2021

Country cuisine. The book on peasant culture and recipes of the past

Seasonal, with a predominance of plant components, rich in grains and legumes: the cuisine of the farming communities of the past is an exemplary model for a healthy diet. All the details in the book. The return to the countryside.

Jun. 21 2021

Vitello tonnato. Origin, history and lore

The origin of vitello tonnato, a dish that has undergone many variations over time.

Jun. 02 2021

Shortcrust pastry: history, recipes, variations and confection tips

Delicious, simple, suitable for many recipes. In a word: perfect. Here's everything you need to know about shortcrust pastry.

May. 24 2021

The true story of American fried green tomatoes

The kitchen is the fulcrum of the life, love and rebellion of Idgie and Ruth, protagonists of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. But what are the true origins of the dish?

May. 20 2021

Steaming: how to do it and recipes to make at home

If your goal is to preserve the nutritional properties of the ingredients, steaming, typical of oriental cuisine, is the way to go. Here are a few recipes to make at home.

May. 17 2021

Affordable meals: basic manual for great “poor man’s” dishes

Who says that eating well is a luxury for a select few? We don't need expensive ingredients and complicated preparations to create a fine dish. Here's our kitchen survival manual.

May. 11 2021

Traditional desserts made with extra virgin olive oil

The result of ancient traditions and of a humble but tasty cuisine, desserts made with extra virgin olive oil have always been part of the Italian table. Here's a few.

May. 07 2021

Millet flour: properties and recipes

Not very common in Italy, millet flour is gluten-free but rich in proteins and lipids. A product that is still not used much, but surely worth learning more about.

May. 07 2021
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