How to make the perfect Roman "mozzarella in carrozza"

The name derives from the shape reminiscent of the wheel of a carriage (in Italian, carrozza): here is the recipe for mozzarella in carrozza.

Baking recipes. How to make Italian potato focaccia

One of the most commonly baked family pizzas in Italy is the potato focaccia: here is the recipe.

Savoury pies: ideas and recipes to make at home

From French quiche appreciated by royalty, to the Umbrian torta al testo once baked on terracotta plates, here are the most delicious savoury pies you can make.

Slow breakfast. History and recipes for waffles and pancakes

Taking the time for a good breakfast is a habit we need to rediscover as soon as possible. Among the best recipes, waffles and pancakes undoubtedly stand out: here's their story.

Breakfast: 5 ideas for the weekend

Having breakfast is something you should never give up. Here are a few delicious recipes to start the day.

Granita: 8 variants from Italy and around the world

In Sicily it is enjoyed at breakfast with a brioche bun, in Rome it is sipped while walking, but how do they prepare granita abroad? Here are some curiosities.

Best burgers for the summer: 7 recipes to try

Who says a burger can only be made with meat and sauces? Here is a list of our favourite recipes for a great summer barbecue.

Summer cooking. Three fish recipes to try this weekend

In Italy, summer is synonymous with fish cuisine: from appetizer to second course, here are three tasty recipes to try.

Summer cooking. Three vegetarian recipes to try this weekend

A caprese salad in summer is always a good idea, but have you ever tried tomatoes bruschetta? Here are three recipes for this weekend’s menu.

All about cherries: types, flavors and the recipe for a perfect cherry pie

It's impossible to resist cherries. Among the best summer fruits of all the time, cherries can be used in different recipes: here are a few tips to make a good cherry pie.
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