Cooking Liver: historical Italian Recipes

Tasty, with an intense flavour and pungent odour, liver is fundamental to many traditional Italian recipes: here are the ones not to be missed.

Jan. 27 2021

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. Luigi Fineo, the flavors of Southern Italy in LA

Luigi Fineo teaches us how to make Italian cavatelli, a typical pasta from Southern Italy. Here's the recipe.

Jan. 25 2021

Gluten-free crostata: recipes by famous pastry chefs

Crostata is a beloved dessert! Made with fresh fruit, jams or spreads, this classic dessert pleases everyone, young and old. Here are 5 gluten-free recipes.

Jan. 21 2021

Chickpea flour: properties, uses in cooking and delicious recipes to make at home

Those who follow a vegan diet probably already know: chickpea flour is a more versatile and tasty ingredient than you might imagine. That's why we decided to take it a step further with an online cookbook. From omelettes to brownies ...Leggi altro

Jan. 19 2021

Shepherd’s pie: origins, history and recipe of the British pie

Minced meat, Worcestershire sauce and lots of mash potato: these are the elements for the typical English "shepherd's pie", a unique mouth-watering dish that will win everyone's palate. Here's how it came about and how it's done.

Jan. 18 2021

Veganuary. Vegan desserts according to an Italian pastry chef

Who says vegan cakes and cookies can't be as good as traditional ones? A young Italian pastry chef shows us how to make delicious 100% vegetable-based desserts that taste just like classic ones.

Jan. 15 2021

Cooking with scraps: that’s why it’s time to use waste

A key detail to keep in mind: it’s always better to use fresh vegetables quickly. For the rest, a sustainability expert explains everything about the use of skins and leaves.

Jan. 14 2021

Apple strudel. History, traditional recipe and tasty variations

Among apple-based desserts, strudel is the one with the most fascinating history. Worthy heir of Turkish baklava, over the centuries it has been "adopted" by the European confectionery tradition and has become one of the symbolic desserts of Trentino Alto ...Leggi altro

Jan. 11 2021

Forgotten recipes. The meat sauce

We attempted making meat sauce, a fabulous concentration of flavours and aromas that have gradually disappeared from cookbooks over the years.

Jan. 10 2021

Country cuisine. The book on peasant culture and recipes of the past

Seasonal, with a predominance of plant components, rich in grains and legumes: the cuisine of the farming communities of the past is an exemplary model for a healthy diet. All the details in the book. The return to the countryside.

Dec. 30 2020
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