Baking recipes. How to make Italian potato focaccia

One of the most commonly baked family pizzas in Italy is the potato focaccia: here is the recipe.

Farinata: a recipe for the Italian chickpea pancake

A very flat savoury pancake created by mixing chickpea flour, water, salt and extra virgin olive oil: here is Italian farinata.

Vegan recipes. Tempeh and lettuce salad with yoghourt dressing

There are many recipes employing tempeh. For simple, fast and foolproof use, cook it in a pan and add it to a nice salad.

Vegan recipes. How to make seitan cutlets

High in protein, free from cholesterol and saturated fat, seitan is the perfect choice for a vegan dinner. Here is a recipe for creamy homemade cutlets.

What is Italian panna cotta and how to make it

If you don’t feel like turning on the oven, don’t panic: Italian panna cotta is a delicious and easy dessert that will make anyone happy. Here is the recipe.

How to make the perfect Roman "mozzarella in carrozza"

The name derives from the shape reminiscent of the wheel of a carriage (in Italian, carrozza): here is the recipe for mozzarella in carrozza.

Homemade bread: 3 easy recipes to try

Making bread at home is easier than you think, and the result will give you much satisfaction. Here are 3 ideas for simple recipes.

Italian recipes. Spaghetti with clams

The liquid released by the clams is very savoury: this is why spaghetti with clams are the perfect tasty Italian classic. Here's the recipe.

How to make the perfect vegan mayonnaise at home

It’s one of the most traditional sauces ever and it can be made in a delicious vegan version, too. Here is the recipe for a plant-based mayonnaise.

Leftover Easter eggs: recipe for chocolate mousse

Leftover chocolate eggs? No problems: try to make this easy and delicious mousse at home.
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