Homemade burger sauces: recipes to try

Hot or aromatic, spicy or smoked, sauce is a must on burgers. Here are the best ones to use in homemade sandwiches.

Food and cinema. The true story of American fried green tomatoes

The kitchen is the fulcrum of the life, love and rebellion of Idgie and Ruth, protagonists of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. But what are the true origins of the dish?

Italian recipes: linguine with cod, walnut sauce and fried breadcrumb

Lots of Italian dishes are all about fish: here is a tasty recipe for linguine with cod (with a delicious walnut sauce).

It's dessert time. Chocolate “salami” recipe

Easy to make at home, Italian chocolate salami is the perfect treat for the kids.

Meringue. History, origins and recipes that see it as the protagonist

Elegant and graceful, considered cloying by many, but in any case essential in the art of confectionery: an ode to meringue and its many variations.

Food and film. Creole's Cream as appeared in The Persuaders!

Among theTV shows of the past, The Persuaders! marked an era, with two great actors with those scoundrel faces who wasted no time in wooing beautiful women and embarking on reckless adventures, but also drinking great wines and authorial cocktails....

Spaghetti alla chitarra: history and recipe of the Abruzzo dish

Among the symbolic recipes of Abruzzo cuisine, these fresh egg pasta noodles are dressed with tomato sauce and meatballs. This is how spaghetti alla chitarra is born and how it is made.

Food and Cinema. The charlotte russe cake in Once Upon a Time in America and the magic of Ennio Morricone

Buying a 5-cent cake was madness for a young man from the Bronx in the 1920s. However, the instinct of the Patsy character gave us one of the most famous food scenes in cinema: anecdotes and curiosities about the charlotte...

Food and Cinema. Fast food and brands in the films by Tarantino (and the apple strudel in Inglourious Basterds)

Among the most famous filmmakers of his generation, Quentin Tarantino has relied on a vivid imagination, which has helped him create iconic scenes and also many fictional brands that have gone down in history. Starting with food.

Valentine's Day 2022: vegan menu and our suggestions to celebrate the occurrence at home

Who said that a romantic dinner must necessarily be fish-based? Here are our proposals to amaze with a vegan menu, and some precautions to pamper your special guest.
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