Food and film. Goodfellas, dinner in prison and Mama Scorsese's pasta sauce

A sauce that tastes like home, even if they are in prison, the secret of the goodfellas to keep going in prison. Here is Scorsese's sarcastic portrait of cuisine.

Best burgers for the summer: 7 recipes to try

Who says a burger can only be made with meat and sauces? Here is a list of our favourite recipes for a great summer barbecue.

Mango: properties, nutritional values, recipes

To understand if you like it or not, you have to taste it: describing the flavour of the mango is (almost) impossible. On its properties, however, the consensus is unanimous. Read on for a primer on how to choose, appreciate...

Typical Italian sandwiches: the most famous regional variations

It's easy to say sandwich: there are many traditional Italian recipes, each with its own story. Here are the sandwiches to try at least once.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee recipe book: embassy dishes

70 embassy recipes to discover British cuisine, but especially the art of diplomacy at the table. Anecdotes, stories, products approved by the Royal Family: here is the official cookbook of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Gluten-free crostata: recipes by famous pastry chefs

Crostata is a beloved dessert! Made with fresh fruit, jams or spreads, this classic dessert pleases everyone, young and old. Here are 5 gluten-free recipes.

Pasqua and Pasquetta. 8 savoury recipes typical of the Italian Easter tradition

Colomba, chocolate eggs, pastiera: the sweet Easter recipes of Italy are many and amazing, but on Italian tables on Easter Sunday there is also a multitude of typically regional delights.

Easter in France. Gigot d’agneau, osterlammele, tourteau fromager

Lamb is the quintessential symbol of Christian Easter, a symbol of Christ's sacrifice. In France, the more traditional festive recipes, both in the sweet and savoury version, are strongly linked to this figure. Here are the three typical specialties of...

Food and film. Sauce, cannoli and the timeless appeal of The Godfather

Leave the gun, take the cannoli. Thus ends Coppola's masterpiece, which also leaves ample room for food. Here are the most famous gastronomic references of The Godfather.

Italian recipes. Spaghetti with clams

The liquid released by the clams is very savoury: this is why spaghetti with clams are the perfect tasty Italian classic. Here's the recipe.
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