A full Susumaniello experience

After 20 years, Cantina Rubino's winning gamble in reviving an ancient Apulian grape variety

Urban orchards and biodiversity in Ostuni, from the Middle Ages to the present

A legacy of medieval gardens that are now back to life and produce: here's the story of The Gardens of the Grata in Ostuni.

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. The story of Paolo Leo

A passion for soil, for the vineyard, for the production of high quality wines, which are the mirror of Salento: here is the history of Paolo Leo and his family.

Primitivo di Manduria: impeding false wines in Italy, Chile and Portugal

The protection activity on foreign markets in regards to the Apulian wine by the consortium continues. Here are the latest news about Primitivo di Manduria.

Paolo Leo, entrepreneur at the service of wine and Salento

Paolo Leo did not stop at inheriting his father's property along with his innate passion for wine and work, but in a few years he created an unmistakable brand: the evolution of Apulia’s wines.

Primitivo and Murgia Tarantina. Women in Wine draw a new tourism route in Puglia

[caption id="attachment_156499" align="alignnone" width=""]Un trullo in mezzo alle vigne[/caption] The Murgia Tarantina is still far from mass tourism routes. But its moment has arrived: this part of Ionian Puglia makes its way ahead with an essentially culinary signature. Protagonists of...

Identikit of the chef: Angelo Sabatelli

Angelo Sabatelli is a great Italian chef from Apulia. Here is his story. 

Leone de Castris. «A key meeting place for the wine sector»

De Castris wine has shaped the history of Pugliese enology. Gracing Italian tables for more than four centuries, Five Roses is surely the most famous rosé in the world.
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