Identikit of the chef: Angelo Sabatelli

Sep 19 2018, 05:47 | by Gambero Rosso

Angelo Sabatelli is a great Italian chef from Apulia. Here is his story. 






birthplace and date:

Monopoli January – 1 – 1969



Resident in:


Name of the Restaurant:

Angelo Sabatelli Ristorante

Restaurant contacts:

Via Santa Chiara, 1

Putignano (BA)

tel 080 4052733

e-mail: [email protected]




Restaurants before the current one:

Borgo Egnazia in Savelletri – Executive Chef

One & Only Le Touessrok Mauritius – Exec Sous Chef di 8 Rist

Ritz Carlton Shanghai – Rist Palladio

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Rist Grissini

Name of the sous chef:

Riccardo Losappio

Age of the sous chef:


Kitchen brigade:

Angelo Sabatelli

Riccardo Losappio

Francesco Innocenti

Andrea Mazzei

Giovanni Sgaramella

Uva Romano

Alessandro Guagnini

Isacco Vanzetta

In the dining room:

Laura Giannuzzi

Gianni Tortora

Daniele Sabatelli

Simona Sabatelli

Marco Quarto

Valentino Dellagiacoma


Gianni Tortora

Last album downloaded

I usually don’t download music, I prefer purchasing CDs. The last one I bought was Ed Sheeran Divide

Last book read:

Shadows in the vineyard: The true story of a plot to poison the world’s greatest wine

Most loved ingredient:

Extra-virgin olive oil/Caviar

Least loved ingredient:


The dish of a lifetime:

My mother’s stuffed eggplant

Grand Maestro worshipped

Mino Allegrini, a fantastic pastry chef who left us prematurely

Most respected peer:

Niko Romito

My idea of cuisine in 10 words:

Identitarian, clean, “simple”, essential, mine

Favourite restaurant abroad:

Troisgros in Ouches (Loire)

The wine above all others

Es by Gianfranco and Simona Fino - La Côte Faron by Jacques Selosse

Had I not been a chef...

I like to paint, so maybe an artist, in any case an artistic profession

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