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Find out more about cheese and wine pairing

Cheese and wine: the best pairings according to the sommelier

Full-bodied reds, noble moulds, orange. In search of the best pairings with cheese, with the advice of a great expert like Maurizio Paparello

Mar. 01 2021
Find out more about Massimo Bottura's refectory in the USA

Massimo Bottura’s refectory in the United States: already operational in San Francisco, and New York coming soon

The Food For Soul refectory in San Francisco quietly opened in the first weeks of 2021, marking the debut of the project by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore in the United States. Next stop: Harlem, New York

Feb. 26 2021
Find out more about pizza scima from Abruzzo

Pizza scima, the Abruzzo yeast-free pizza recipe

Fast, easy, very tasty: pizza scima is the perfect bread product for a last-minute dinner. This is how this Abruzzo specialty was born.

Feb. 25 2021
Find out more about fours made with fruit scraps

Flours with the fruit scraps. The new project of the University of Bozen · Bolzano

Reconciling sustainability, taste and health is not a mission impossible. This is demonstrated by the free Bolzano University, which has just developed a method for reusing parts of the apples discarded by the confectionery industry. The result? A fortified flour ...Leggi altro

Feb. 24 2021
Find out more about corn flour

Corn flour: culinary use, properties and recipes

If until now you have used corn flour exclusively for making classic polenta, now is the time to get to expand your knowledge a little. From Mexican tacos to Piedmontese meliga biscuits, up to a crunchy breading for homemade fritters, ...Leggi altro

Feb. 23 2021
Find out more about non-fat cheeses

Non-fat cheeses: varieties, properties, nutritional values

Can you eat cheese without overdoing the fat intake? A few examples of non-fat cheese, how to choose it and why it's always good to prefer quality products, even when on a diet. As explained by Amaury Jimenez, a young ...Leggi altro

Feb. 22 2021
Find out more about art and science

Art and science: the works reveal the botanical evolution of fruit and vegetables.

What did plant species look like in the Renaissance? And how many transformations did they undergo before taking on their current shape and colours? The answer emerges from ancient art masterpieces, which can provide researchers with invaluable information on the ...Leggi altro

Feb. 21 2021
Find out more about savoury pies

Savoury pies: ideas and recipes to make at home

From French quiche appreciated by royalty, to the Umbrian torta al testo once baked on terracotta plates, here are the most delicious savoury pies you can make.

Feb. 15 2021
Find out more about beef Wellington

Beef Wellington: history and recipe of an iconic dish

Today it is famous mainly thanks to Gordon Ramsey, but beef Wellington has much older origins, dating back to the nineteenth century.

Feb. 13 2021
FInd out more about Valentines' day treats

Typical Valentine’s Day sweets: the feast of lovers in the Italian tradition

Not only chocolates: from maritozzo to sospiri di Bisceglie, a list of Italian sweets to give for the feast of lovers.

Feb. 12 2021
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