Primitivo di Manduria: impeding false wines in Italy, Chile and Portugal

Jun 11 2019, 09:32 | by Gambero Rosso
The protection activity on foreign markets in regards to the Apulian wine by the consortium continues. Here are the latest news about Primitivo di Manduria.

The protection activity on foreign markets in regards to Primitivo di Manduria DOP by the consortium chaired by Mauro Di Maggio hasn't stopped. The latest results say that deceptive brands have been blocked in Italy, Chile and Portugal and that the opposition to some labels in Germany, France and South Africa is also being negotiated.

Primitivo di Manduria

"Precisely because this wine is so loved abroad," explains Di Maggio, "Primitivo di Manduria is the product on which imitation phenomena must be most concentrated. This is a situation to which we have responded by expanding our vigilance and protection also in view of the wine's production growth".

Primitivo di Manduria abroad

The balance of three years of activity is very encouraging. In the legal battles faced by the Consortium 6 cases were won in Italy, one in Spain and one in Portugal; plus one in Chile and one in China. From the international market, four brands with the European Union wording have been eliminated.

The Apulian PDO

The Apulian PDO, which has a turnover of 120 million euro, 70% of which derives from export, in recording in 2018 a significant production growth of 15%, at 20 million bottles. The defense strategy is developing two-fold: internationally, by blocking all deceptive brands that directly recall or imitate the name; and on the other hand, the samples on sale are being taken and analyzed in the large-scale distribution circuit in the laboratory to verify inconsistencies with the specification.

For this reason, the agreement with the supervisory agents for 2019-21 has been renewed, increasing inspections by 30%, which will also include stores, retail and the Internet.

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