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School lunches in Italy: setting a healthy pattern for adult life

Today, one in three Italian children under 12 years is overweight. While these rates are far behind those of the United States and the United Kingdom, Italy is working hard to reverse the trend. 

Aug. 31 2017

Restaurant chefs fight hunger in this summer of solidarity

There are currently 30 chefs in the charity’s solidarity campaign in the fight against malnutrition in 47 world countries. Italian culinary celebrities are part of the list of ambassadors in the “Ristoranti contro la fame” project. Here’s how you can ...Leggi altro

Aug. 30 2017

Ready made food and recipes that don’t require refrigeration: Amazon’s newest feat

Jeff Bezos’ enterprise is unstoppable. Among the newest projects and innovation developed by e-commerce leader Amazon after the purchase of Whole Foods, is a series of ready-made products with a long shelf life and that don’t require refrigeration. 

Aug. 29 2017

CaselloTypico app shows products & restaurants along highways

An unusual interactive food guide devised for gourmand motorists driving along Italian highways. CaselloTypico lists the best restaurants and local specialties located in the surroundings at tollbooths. This allows travellers to plan their tasty on the road itinerary. 

Aug. 28 2017

Seasons in the Italian garden: the fruits and vegetables of August

For Italians, eating seasonally is a no brainer. Many would never consider eating tomatoes or strawberries in January, or tucking into porcini in July. Eating seasonally means fresh ingredients at the height of their flavour. Here’s what is in season ...Leggi altro

Aug. 16 2017

Technology advancements can treat and conserve barrel jellies as food

Rich in minerals and collagen, jellies could soon end up in our plates. Studies to understand how to treat these creatures could in fact very well add them to the long list of novel foods, increasing the varieties of edible ...Leggi altro

Aug. 15 2017

Alice Italian Food Academy: a chef school in Kenya

The latest project of non-profit Alice for Children in collaboration with Istituto Carlo Porta in Milan is an Italian cookery school in Kenya. The ad hoc academy is located in Utawala, Nairobi, and will guarantee a better future for local ...Leggi altro

Aug. 14 2017

Buying oysters from a 24h vending machine? It’s happening in Île de Ré, France

Oysters in France are a big deal. Loved around the world for their unique taste, oysters can now be purchased around the clock from a vending machine. This is the story of an oyster breeder in Île de Ré.

Aug. 11 2017
Chester Higgins Jr./New York Times

RIP Judith Jones, the woman who “discovered” Anne Frank and Julia Child

[caption id="attachment_138787" align="alignnone" width=""]Judith Jones in ucina[/caption] Boasting over 50 years in publishing and a passion for French cuisine developed in the Fifties in Paris, plus a successful career in bestselling publications, she discovered Julia Child in 1961, with her ...Leggi altro

Aug. 10 2017

Electrically powered synthesised food to fight world hunger

The food of the future is a product of renewable energy. Electricity is the primary source necessary for the production of protein powder that could be the solution to world hunger. This synthesised food, designed by a team of Finnish ...Leggi altro

Aug. 09 2017
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