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Less alcohol among European teenagers. The age of getting drunk for the first time increases

Teenagers are postponing the first time they drink. In Europe, alcohol consumption among young public is gradually decreasing year after year. 

Jul. 30 2016

Italian Alps: nature, specialties and restaurants in Val di Fiemme

The hamlets of Val di Fiemme, with their killer views and small museums, constitute part of Italy’s most prized cultural heritage sites. In addition to its stunning looks, products and culinary highlights, visiting this valley is a must for mountain ...Leggi altro

Jul. 29 2016

Specialty coffee: 12 places for quality cups in Rome

Amid new openings and vintage coffee bars getting a makeover, here’s where the coffee bar revolution is taking over the Eternal City

Jul. 28 2016

Italian food at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, chef Oldani and Rubio, with Ferrari and Barilla

The countdown in on: come August 5 the eyes of the worls will be on Brazil. Casa Italia athletes will be fed by Davide Oldani who will rely on many Italian products, including pasta. Chef Rubio will cater at the ...Leggi altro

Jul. 27 2016

Travel. Santorini, the volcanic pearl of the Aegean, and its wines

Your travel buddies can lend tips on the best beaches while you focus on the volcanic soil of Santorini and its wines: here are the best labels.

Jul. 26 2016

Japanese experimenters. Consumer curiosity grew over two years

Japanese wine consumers are growing more and more every year. And they are expanding their wine horizons, diversifying their purchases. 

Jul. 24 2016

Dining on Italy’s smaller islands: 14 destinations for summer 2016

Slow and relaxed pace, crystal waters brimming with fish, volcanoes, vineyards, stunning panoramas… there are plenty of dining options off the mainland. Italy is studded with varying sized islands in a Mediterranean paradise. But where to dine?

Jul. 22 2016

Princi bread for Starbucks: the new alliance with the US brand and a shop in Seattle in 2017

The alliance between Howard Schultz and Rocco Princi confirms the renowned coffee chain’s attention in regards to Italy, where Starbucks will land in 2017 in Milan. Meanwhile Princi bread will be sold in the most prestigious Starbucks stores and in ...Leggi altro

Jul. 21 2016

Food education, flavor and weaning. First meals and a recipe by Entiana Osmenzeza

We know them in their professional kitchen element. But how do chefs eat in the privacy of their home? Moreover, how do they cook for their children? We asked for tips and got additional advice from neonatal doctors, pediatricians and ...Leggi altro

Jul. 19 2016

A word about “Generation Treaters”. How the UK market is changing

British wine market is evolving. Young people look for high quality products and leave cheap supermarket wines behind. The analysis of a new developing trend.

Jul. 17 2016
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