A word about “Generation Treaters”. How the UK market is changing

Jul 17 2016, 07:00 | by Gianluca Atzeni

British wine market is evolving. Young people look for high quality products and leave cheap supermarket wines behind. The analysis of a new developing trend.

One category of United Kingdom consumers stands out for its changing approach to wine. Young people born after 1980, with higher than average salaries, little expertise but great curiosity, form a segment of the market that increased its share of total wine spending in the United Kingdom from 24% to 31% between 2013 and 2016.

Generation Treaters: the fall of supermarkets and the thirst for Prosecco

At the same time, its share in terms of number of habitual consumers stayed steady at 11%. The so-called Generation Treaters is one of the profiles identified by Wine Intelligence. This age group considers wine a beverage for social drinking, and have begun to associate the cost of the product with its quality. “Generation Treaters are becoming an increasingly important segment in terms of the way they buy wine, and their purchasing habits are less predictable than their older peers”, said Wine Intelligence COO Richard Halstead. “Many of them are being drawn away from the traditional supermarket channel in favor of discounters and independent retailers”, he added, “a sign of an overall change in the country’s society”. Among the other emerging trends underlined by Wine Intelligence is the fall in supermarket purchases in favor of on-line channels. Also noteworthy: the generation’s thirst for Prosecco is growing.

by Gianluca Atzeni


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