Few bottles, lots of character. 
All the charm of Rare Wines in a new guide.

Sannio. Beyond falanghina, two rare wines made from camaiola and piedirosso

Not just falanghina: the Sannio area can also boast many red grapes. In this episode, we present two wines made from the Camaiola and Piedirosso grapes.

Unexpected Tuscany. Orpicchio and ansonica, two meat-friendly whites!

We never stop learning from the wines of Tuscany. In this episode of Vini Rari - Rare Wines, we talk about two rare grape varieties such as orpicchio and ansonica, which produce whites with structure and Mediterranean character

Welcome to the South! Two great and rare red wines from the Amalfi Coast and Manduria

In this episode of Rare Wines we stop in Manduria and Tramonti, discovering two red wines that tell the story of Southern Italy's wine-growing territory.

Two rare Cabernet Francs full of charm from Bolgheri in Tuscany

In this episode of Vini Rari - Rare Wines we discover two interpretations of the same grape variety grown in the suitable area of Bolgheri. Two cabernet franc-based reds of great character and richness produced in a limited number of...

Rare Wines. Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, with both the sword and the rapier

Two reds that question the historic qualitative duel between Tuscany and Piemonte. Don't miss out on these two very limited edition wines: good today, they will age gracefully

Rare Wines. From Giglio to Capraia, utopian productions from the small Tuscan islands

In this episode we take you to two charming little Tuscan islands. The first is Isola del Giglio, followed by Capraia. At Giglio we tasted a white wine made from Ansonica grapes, produced with simple and ancestral methods. In Capraia...

Two rare wines of extreme elegance from Tuscany and Siciliy

Etna responds to the Val d'Orcia. With two great whites that make elegance their raison d'être: semillon and carricante have never been so close.

From Liguria and Sardinia, two great (very rare) meditation wines.

A veritable journey down memory lane with this week's rare wines. Let's start from the Liguria-based Ruzzese, which had so much prestige in the past, to arrive at a great Sardinian oxidative wine. Both wines, apart from being rare, are...

Rare Wines: two whites that age better than reds

The two whites in this episode of Vini Rari - Rare Wines are produced respectively in just 1,782 and 1,500 bottles. They have character to spare and can age gracefully for well over 10 years. Campania calls, Friuli-Venezia Giulia answers.

Rare Wines, Barolo and Brunello of pure classic form

Two gems set between Piemonte and Tuscany, what they have in common is an exquisitely traditional flavour and an extraordinary ageing ability

Rare Wines. Journey to the Northeast between a 2019 Ribolla and Sylvaner.

In this episode we travel between Oslavia and the Eisack Valley to discover two labels born under the sign of the 2019 vintage. Ribolla gialla and sylvaner are the main grape varieties that give life to two expressive wines produced...

Rare Wines, two great crus from Sicily and Sardinia

Etna continues to be the protagonist in our journey dedicated to rare wines. In this case we explore the first release of a rightly multi-celebrated contrada wine district, alongside a deep red from Mamoiada, in Sardinia, also in its first...

Rare Wines. Bubbles of the future from Lombardy and Piedmont

In this episode of Vini Rari - Rare Wines we explore two signature Classic Method wines produced by artisan winemakers that have specialised over the years, reaching exciting peaks of quality

Rare Wines. The energy of Trebbiano between Abruzzo and Tuscany

In this episode we take you between Tuscany and Abruzzo to discover two white wines. The main grape variety is Trebbiano, declined in two fascinating territorial expressions and produced in a limited number of bottles.

Rare Wines. Two great reds produced at 600 metres above sea level

In this episode we reach high elevation to get to know two deep and articulated red wines, produced from native grapes respectively in Molise and Sicily, with a very strong territorial connotation

Rare Wines. In the name of Pecorino and Verdicchio

In this episode of Rare Wines we traverse the Marche region to get acquainted with two whites owning a particularly refined and original character, produced in very limited editions

Rare Wines: Marsala British and Pre-British

In this episode of Vini Rari we retrace the footsteps of history to get to know two wines with an oxidative style. A (special) Marsala and a wine made from Grillo grapes that do not undergo the fortification process.

Rare wines. Unexpected Sangiovese and Merlot from Tuscany.

We set off for Montalcino and Bolgheri to discover two wines 100 percent Tuscan, but with an unusual soul. The first is not a Brunello, but a Merlot, and the second is a Sangiovese from the Tuscan land of international...

Rare Wines. Chianti calls, Naples responds

Chianti was originally obtained with a blend of Sangiovese grapes but also white berried varieties. A suggestive Riserva, which refers to that philosophy, meets a delicious Piedirosso produced on the volcanic soils of Campi Flegrei.

Rare Wines, two pearls from Serdiana and Ventotene

Discovering Pandataria, the only still wine produced by Candidaterra on the tiny island of Ventotene, and a Malvasia, macerated on the skins, by Tenuta Faragò, in one of the most suitable areas of Sardinia: Serdiana, in the province of Cagliari
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