Two rare wines of extreme elegance from Tuscany and Siciliy

May 24 2023, 14:40
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Etna responds to the Val d'Orcia. With two great whites that make elegance their raison d'être: semillon and carricante have never been so close.

The stories of the people who created the wineries featured in this issue of Rare Wines intersect, almost overlapping. Definitely geographically. Carlo Ferrini and Andrea Franchetti are two personalities of fundamental importance in the world of Italian wine. The former is an oenologist who has put his signature on some of the labels that have made the history of our country's wine; the latter is a producer out of the ordinary, forerunner and innovator of oenological trends, with a personality capable of perceiving first the potential of a territory.

Both started their first wineries in Tuscany: Ferrini created Giodo together with his daughter Bianca, choosing the coat of arms and prestige of Montalcino, in 2001, and Sangiovese, a grape that had no secrets for him. Franchetti (who prematurely passed away in 2021), with Tenuta di Trinoro, now led by his son Benjamin, between the 80s and 90s, bet on the then almost unknown Val d'Orcia and on his experience with Bordeaux grapes. The first common step among the Tuscan vineyards corresponds to the second on the volcanic soils of Mt Etna. Here too Andrea preceded Carlo: he gave life to Passopisciaro, and devising a division of the territory into contrade districts, in 2000.

The Tuscan oenologist arrived in 2016 with Alberelli di Giodo, both attracted by the potential of a unique, fascinating territory. Even the production philosophy overlaps: the search for the union between territoriality and elegance is the beacon that illuminates the two paths. And we'll give you proof of this with the wines we've chosen for this episode: Bianco di Trinoro '21 by Tenuta di Trinoro, and Carricante '21 from Alberelli di Giodo.

Rare Wines: two white wines from Tuscany and Sicily to discover


Carricante 2021

Alberelli di Giodo
VINEYARD | Only pre-phylloxera vines, ungrafted alberello and pied franc ranging from 50 to 100 years old: this is the viticultural heritage, a real treasure, on which Bianca and Carlo Ferrini count on here on "'A Muntagna". Nerello mascalese and carricante are grown at altitudes ranging between 700 and 950 metres, on the typical volcanic soils of Mt Etna, capable of carrying unique mineral suggestions in the glass. The vineyard dedicated to the carricante is a parcel of not even half a hectare and the yields of the alberellos are around 50 quintals per hectare.   PERSON | The name Carlo Ferrini certainly doesn't sound new to anyone within the world of wine. Among the most successful international wine consultants,...
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Bianco di Trinoro 2021

Tenuta di Trinoro
VINEYARD | The vineyards of Tenuta di Trinoro extend for 23 hectares on plains and slopes at the foot of Monte Cetona, in southern Tuscany, a few steps from the border with Umbria and Lazio. Andrea Franchetti's Bordeaux experience prompted him to bet on the vines of that area: among the rows we therefore find cabernet franc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot. And semillon, from which the Bianco di Trinoro is born. The grapes come from a small plot, just half a hectare, cultivated in one of the highest points of the estate, at an altitude of 630 metres, on sandy soils. The plantings date back to 2001, but in 2006 some adjustments were made with the addition of...
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