Italian wine

The art of dry stone walls becomes Unesco intangible heritage

Second UNESCO recognition for an agricultural and rural practice. After that of the cultivation of the alberello vine of Pantelleria, obtained in 2014, comes the rural practice of dry stone walls.

Jan. 11 2019

Harvest: all the trends, region by region

For Assoenologi the vintage closes at 52.6 million hectoliters. Positive trend for Lazio and Umbria, but Veneto is the most productive region. Here is the result of harvest 2018.

Dec. 19 2018

Paolo Leo, entrepreneur at the service of wine and Salento

Paolo Leo did not stop at inheriting his father's property along with his innate passion for wine and work, but in a few years he created an unmistakable brand: the evolution of Apulia’s wines.

Dec. 18 2018

From vignerons to multinational corporations

In the last two decades, our most popular territories and grapes have become true international must-haves. Here's the Italian wine’s latest metamorphosis.

Dec. 17 2018

Montalcino: destiny of excellence in the name of Brunello

Montalcino is at the top of the tourist destinations that winelovers around the world want to visit. The Val d'Orcia has miraculously preserved its aspect made of history, landscape, culture, food and wine... and above all the Brunello.

Dec. 14 2018

Australia: winemakers experiment more Italian grapes

Australian winemakers continue to experiment with Italian grapes. Prosecco is rising in popularity, while other grapes are being planted to respond to changing consumer preferences.

Dec. 14 2018

Villa Sandi, the art of Prosecco conquers Japan

Fresh, versatile, lively bubbly: Prosecco is one of the most appreciated Italian wines all around the world. Here is the successful story of Villa Sandi, a top quality winery in the Prosecco area and the whole Veneto.

Dec. 13 2018

Italian wines are the best known in the USA after Californian wines

77% of American enthusiasts know Italian wines, which are bought by almost 4 out of 10 consumers (38%). 

Oct. 19 2018

The Rome DOC is relaunched. President Galassini: “In seven years we have increased our production tenfold”

Consortia. After 7 years, the Consortium Doc Rome was born. Here is what the Vino Doc Roma association is going to do to promote its wine. 

Sep. 14 2018

Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso: Vancouver and Toronto

Here's how Gambero Rosso in Vancouver and Toronto went to present over 50 wineries, the great Italian wines awarded with Tre Bicchieri and - new this year - some preview labels recently put on the market. 

Sep. 12 2018
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