The Rome DOC is relaunched. President Galassini: "In seven years we have increased our production tenfold"

Sep 14 2018, 10:15 | by Gambero Rosso

Consortia. After 7 years, the Consortium Doc Rome was born. Here is what the Vino Doc Roma association is going to do to promote its wine. 


The number 7 has always been particularly evocative for the city of Rome. It should not be a surprise, therefore, that it took just 7 years to arrive also at the birth of the Consortium Doc Rome. It was 2011 when the denomination that bears the name of the city with just 35 hectares of vineyards was first baptized.

Today we're talking about 235 hectares for 87 members and a production of 500 thousand bottles. "I am proud to represent the Doc Roma and its consortium at national level" says new president Tullio Galassini at Tre Bicchieri, already leading the Associazione Produttori Vino Doc Roma. "Today we have increased production tenfold, overcoming the years of crisis and reaching a turnover of 10 million euros, without having to lower prices (today the gap is between 2.99 euros for basic versions and 18 euros for reserves; ed.)”.

Thanks to the name of strong international appeal it's precisely in foreign markets that 80% of the product ends, and 50% of this goes to the Old Continent, but we are also working towards new markets, especially in the Asian direction. "Today what grinds out the highest numbers for production and turnover is the Red version of the Doc, so much so that we are reaching a million and a half bottles. The most substandard product, however, is the Rosso riserva, of which at the moment we produce only 200,000 bottles. Instead, there is a lot of work to be done on whites".


87 associates, between wine-makers and bottlers

235 hectares

500,000 bottles

10 million euro turnover

7 versions: “bianco”(also in the sweet amabile version); “rosso” (also in the sweet amabile version); “rosso riserva”; “rosato”; “Romanella” spumante; “Malvasia del Lazio o Puntinata”; “Bellone”.

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