The new generation puts itself on the line. A new label for Tenuta Luisa

Tenuta Luisa is an innovative winery in Friuli. Here's the new label created by Minale Tattersfield studio in London (and many other news).

Apr. 24 2020

Best food designs of the month

There's a new series of tableware lines, but also a collection of elegant bar items. Here are the top food design projects of the month.

Nov. 07 2019

Kaffeeform, cups made with coffee grounds

Not only fertilizer for plants: coffee grounds now can also become the ideal base for making espresso and cappuccino cups. The Kaffeeform project.

Sep. 04 2019

Under, Europe’s first underwater restaurant opens in 2019 in Norway, design by Snøhetta

The first ever was in the Maldives, soon followed by Dubai. In 2019 it will be Europe’s turn to surprise the public with the first underwater restaurant. Sneak preview of the Norwegian project by Snøhetta. 

Nov. 20 2017

Restaurants and architecture – Studio Leonardo Project in Montesilvano

From Niko Romito’s Reale to Metrò of the Fossaceca brothers: the interiors designed by Leonardo De Carlo reflect his style. Presenting the philosophy and projects of the Abruzzo native architect. 

Nov. 10 2017

Studio Bellissimo designs the new Lavazza logo for Open Coffee

Lavazza launches a brand new digital space intended as a forum hub for coffee lovers. Turin-based design studio Bellissimo is in charge of the graphics and the creation of an ad hoc icon for the platform.

Nov. 09 2017

Design food. 4 great contemporary objects for our kitchen

Form. Volume. Pattern. And, obviously, function. The selections on these pages are linked by a careful attention to design that makes traditional objects contemporary. Trays, glasses, plates and curtains are revisited in the light of modern-day sensibility, with small but ...Leggi altro

Oct. 15 2017

After Ikea now Muji also goes into food, opening a produce market in Tokyo

Muji is a Japan design institution. The retail company presents its newly remodelled flagship store in Tokyo transformed into a produce market and coffee shop. 

Aug. 07 2017

Cooking Library in Seoul. Café, ingredient room and a terrace restaurant

A new project financed by Hyundai Card is born: the new food library is the fourth of a series of buildings dedicated to thematic reading in the Korean metropolis. Beyond the collection of 16.000 books about cooking, there are also ...Leggi altro

Jul. 09 2017

Design. The concept of lightness in the kitchen

Lightness: an idea, more than a concept tied to real weight, is a favorite theme not only in philosophy and literature, but in the kitchen as well.

Dec. 18 2016
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