The new generation puts itself on the line. A new label for Tenuta Luisa

Apr 24 2020, 13:33 | by Gambero Rosso
Tenuta Luisa is an innovative winery in Friuli. Here's the new label created by Minale Tattersfield studio in London (and many other news).

Luisa winery in Friuli

Luisa is one of the best companies in the Friulian wine world, one of the most active wineries in the Friuli Isonzo denomination. Like any family-run company, it proudly displays its peasant origins and loves to remember the beginnings. It was 1907 when Francesco Luisa, a widower at 37 with 6 children to grow up, had the opportunity to buy five hectares of land. It was then Delciso, one of the six children, who carried on the family business. Then Eddi Luisa started building a future on those few hectares, moving from traditional promiscuous agriculture to specialised vineyards. Today Michele and Davide, Eddi's children, tend to the vineyard which has grown to 100 hectares, thanks to the experiences inherited from a close-knit and cohesive family group. The wines produced fall into the Friuli Isonzo denomination, a territory that goes from the Collio and Carso hills to the Adriatic. The vineyards are located on clayey, but also calcareous and pebbly soils and enjoy a unique climate due to the confluence of two winds: the Bora (cold and pungent) and the Scirocco (warmer and humid) coming from the sea.

The new label for Luisa

"We've worked on it in the last two years together with the prestigious Minale Tattersfield studio in London in the person of our historical friend and collaborator Marcello Minale, in creating a brand identity that began 12 years ago - quoting Davide and Michele - with this new label we want to communicate in a more modern key the historical values of the company that see tradition on one side and innovation, the family and the link with the land on the other. The crown logo, chosen to remember the small hamlet of the municipality of Mariano del Friuli which houses the headquarters of the winery and the wine resort, has been further enhanced in the dimensions and colours to highlight the three figures that make it up (father Eddi in the center, Davide on the left and Michele on the right)".

An intergenerational chain towards the future

"It's not always possible to personally meet the producer of a wine. For this reason we decided to communicate our values and our vision in an immediate and coherent way and with a language that is understandable both in Italy and abroad––affirm Davide and Michele––The focus of our brand is solidity and generational experience of the company, and the know-how transferred to us by linking to new opportunities and technological possibilities in a chain of continuity. If we stop to think about how many things have changed compared to when we founded our company, we are impressed by the evolution of materials, by the development of new technologies in the cellar and by the innovation of countryside techniques, by changes in the market and by consumer requests. Yet somehow everything has remained the same in the dedication, daily commitment and passion that we bring every day to this work, as well as the desire to take risks and get involved every day to improve more and more".


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