Cocktail of the month. hOrtum galaxy by Domenico Carella

A cocktail with a pleasantly bitter taste and at the same time fresh and thirst-quenching: here's how to make hOrtum galaxy by Domenico Carella.

Feb. 05 2021

Discovering mead: what is it, history, evolution and recipes

A fermented water and honey drink with ancient origins, today also produced with the classic method as if it were spumante. Everything you need to know about mead.

Feb. 02 2021

Cocktail recipes. Martini Cortado by Vincenzo Civita and Marco Colonnelli

Bartenders Vincenzo Civita and Marco Colonnelli have created a delicious cocktail with Sherry: here's the recipe for Martini Cortado.

Dec. 20 2020

Il Giardino di Lipari, hidden on the Aeolian island. Cocktail bar and bistro among citrus groves

In a citrus grove saved from neglect, Il Giardino di Lipari was born a few years ago, conceived by the artist Luca Cutrufelli. This year cocktail bars and bistros try to bring the world to the island, in the summer ...Leggi altro

Sep. 01 2020

Wine travel food – July/August 2020

Did you know that there's an increasing number of successful Italian restaurants in the French capital? Find out more about this and other stories in our Wine Travel Food.

Aug. 27 2020

Seasonal cocktail: Punta Palascia by Diego Melorio

If you're looking for a tasty summer drink, here's a cocktail recipe by bartender Diego Melorio.

Aug. 07 2020

Restarting cocktail bars according to Patrick Kong Pistolesi of Drink Kong

Drinking a good cocktail at the bar doesn't necessarily involve gatherings. Indeed, it can and must be done in total safety. Here's how Drink Kong is doing it in Rome.

Jun. 10 2020

Seasonal cocktail: Acqua Vitale by Gegam Kazarian

A simple cocktail in terms of taste and one that's easily replicable, yet highly evocative: here's a recipe by Gegam Kazarian.

Jun. 03 2020

Seasonal Cocktail: Ilusion by Michele Montauti

A cocktail with a dry alcoholic shoulder of gin, enriched with peach liqueur and with a citric and spicy touch of lemongrass syrup: here's the recipe for Illusion.

May. 09 2020

Scarto in Bologna. The anti-waste cocktail bar is now serving meals: new chef and menu

Born just over a year ago in the spaces of a former convent, Scarto is a decidedly unconventional cocktail bar. Behind it there is a clear thought: to promote a circular economy, starting from food. And from cocktails. Autumn 2019 ...Leggi altro

Oct. 11 2019
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