How to prepare the perfect Italian aperitivo: charcuterie board, cheese and drinks

Aperitivo is one of the top deep rooted habits in the Italian culture, a pre-dinner drink with some snacks meant to whet your appetite. Here’s how to make it at home.

Summer drinks: 4 refreshing cocktails and punches for your aperitivo

Staying cool in the summer heat is not easy. That’s why a good and fresh drink can always come in handy: here are 4 ideas for the perfect aperitivo.

4 non-alcoholic drinks for 4 dishes: pairings and recipes

Not just infusions, teas and herbal teas: it's time for zero-alcoholic cocktails. Here are four drink suggestions paired with four delicious and quick-to-make dishes.

The top 16 tonic water brands for your perfect gin and tonic

Clear, fresh and bitter: tonic water. Here is a ranking of the top 16 best tonic water brands: the queen of soft drinks and mixology. We tasted and tested Indian and Botanical types, to be enjoyed and/or mixed with alcohol...

Food and film. Creole's Cream as appeared in The Persuaders!

Among theTV shows of the past, The Persuaders! marked an era, with two great actors with those scoundrel faces who wasted no time in wooing beautiful women and embarking on reckless adventures, but also drinking great wines and authorial cocktails....

Cocktail of the month. New York by Dario Schiavoni from The Bvlgari Bar

Inspired by the famous New York Sour, IBA's official cocktail in the New Era Drinks category, this is a new interpretation proposed by Bvlgari Bar Dubai. Here's the recipe.

Cocktail of the Month. Truffold Fashioned by Matteo Zed

Since 2019 he has been Bar Director of The Court, a lounge bar with a cosmopolitan atmosphere: here's Matteo Zed and his cocktail Truffold Fashioned.

Cocktail of the month. Spirito Felix by Natale Palmieri

"Spirito Felix'' is an all-day drink: a spicy, fresh and soft gin sour. Its roots are in what is still called Campania Felix, a region whose land is rich in culture and traditions. Here's the recipe.

Cocktail of the month. hOrtum galaxy by Domenico Carella

A cocktail with a pleasantly bitter taste and at the same time fresh and thirst-quenching: here's how to make hOrtum galaxy by Domenico Carella.

Discovering mead: what is it, history, evolution and recipes

A fermented water and honey drink with ancient origins, today also produced with the classic method as if it were spumante. Everything you need to know about mead.
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