Cocktail of the Month. Truffold Fashioned by Matteo Zed

Dec 14 2021, 10:28 | by Gambero Rosso
Since 2019 he has been Bar Director of The Court, a lounge bar with a cosmopolitan atmosphere: here's Matteo Zed and his cocktail Truffold Fashioned.

Truffold Fashioned by Matteo Zed

"In 2016 Naren Young, Bar Director of Cafè Dante in New York, asked me to cover a week of shifts. Given our friendship, and the importance of the bar, I couldn't help but accept. Working at Cafè Dante I was impressed by the high quality of the drinks offered, including an exceptional Truffle Sazerac. Naren, in addition to having great charisma, had developed interesting flavour extraction techniques and his drinks were an incredible testimony. For me that week was an important source of inspiration. His Truffle Sazerac has remained etched in my memory and, years later, combining my great passion for good food with my memories, I thought of The Truffold Fashioned: an Old Fashioned that, thanks to the fat washing technique with white truffle butter, wants to reproduce the same pleasant sensations generated by a plate of risotto or tagliolini with freshly shaved truffles".

The barman

Considered one of the most talented Italian barmen internationally, Matteo Zamberlan, aka Zed, has an enviable resumé, studded with awards and important work experiences. Third place at the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in 2012, second place at the Diplomático World Tournament in 2013 and America's World Champion at the Belvedere Martini Challenge in 2015. He worked in Japan alongside Maestro Hidetsugu Ueno at Bar High Five in Tokyo and then moved to New York for four years, passing from working at Joe Bastianich's Del Posto, to The Dead Rabbit and BlackTail. He was a consultant for Zuma and Armani Ristorante, where he focused his work on Amaros, his great passion. Important international magazines such as Drinks International, Bartenders Magazine and BarLife have talked about him. Gaz Regan mentioned his cocktails in the book "101 Best New Cocktails" and in 2015 he was named Best Italian Barman Abroad by Bargionale. Since 2019 he has been Bar Director of The Court, a lounge bar with a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a breathtaking view of the Colosseum inside the five-star boutique hotel Palazzo Manfredi in Rome, immediately winning 71st place for Top 500 Bars and the recent entry into the 50 Best Discovery of The World's 50 Best Bars. With "The Great Book of the Italian Amaro" published in Italy by Giunti Editore, Matteo aims to raise awareness of the world of bitters, its history and the many ways to enjoy them neat or mixed.

Truffold Fashioned by Matteo Zed, The Court (Palazzo Manfredi-Rome)


4, 5 cl Bourbon & Cognac Mix infused with white truffle butter

1 cl Truffle Honey Syrup

1,5 cl Amaro Vallenera black truffle

Absinthe Flame

Technique: Stirring
Glass: Old Fashioned

Garnish: Truffle Chip

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