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Find out more about La Tordera

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. La Tordera

For many years now, the company La Tordera has been committed to the environmental protection: here's the story.

Jun. 15 2021
Find out more about Ermete Medici

Ermete Medici: a family history in the name of Lambrusco

t is impossible to tell the story of Lambrusco Reggiano without talking about the Medici winery. Founded by Remigio at the end of the 19th century, his son Ermete was the one who expanded and modernised it, by laying the ...Leggi altro

Jun. 09 2021
Find out more about wine bottle formats

All wine formats

There are bottles of various weights, colours, shapes and capacities in the wine market. Here's a list of the different formats.

Jun. 04 2021
Find out more about vino cotto

History of vino cotto, cotto di fichi and sapa

If wine is one of the oldest products on our table, the same goes for its “cooked” version, not heated but produced starting from the cooking of the must. Here's the whole story.

Jun. 04 2021
Find out more about Le Monde

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Le Monde

If you're looking for a wine from Friuli, Le Monde is the perfect solution. Here are a few details.

Jun. 01 2021
Find out more about alcohol-free wine

Alcohol-free wines. Just to clarify: what does the EU literature really say?

L’Europa vorrebbe armonizzare una pratica già adottata in altri Paesi, ma in Italia il mondo vitivinicolo si spacca tra chi urla allo scandalo e chi vi vede delle nuove opportunità. Dubbi sul termine “restitution of water”, ma Bruxelles smentisce l’annacquamento ...Leggi altro

May. 31 2021
Find out more about wine serving temperature

The most common mistake with wine: the wrong serving temperature

A wine served too cold or too hot is one of the worst services we can offer the customer, damaging all the work done by the producers. Here are a few rules.

May. 28 2021
Find out more about Zorzetting

Zorzettig: around the world to share the essence of Colli Orientali del Friuli

A reality that today counts on 115 hectares of vineyards, with a production of 800,000 bottles and which is increasingly oriented towards economic and environmental sustainability: here's Zorzettig.

May. 27 2021
Find out more about Rocca di Castagnoli

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Rocca di Castagnoli

Wine is only one of the facets of Rocca di Castagnoli: here's the story of the estate.

May. 26 2021
Find out more about the aging of Prosecco

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Prosecco can’t age. Are you sure?

We've been re-tasting some of the best cuvées of the classic production area. Here's what happened.

May. 21 2021
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