In China with oenologist Denise Cosentino to discover the secrets of Long Dai DBR 2020

Wine in China and the 2020 vintage for Domaine Long Dai, eastern branch of Domaines Barons de Rothschild. Interview with the brand's oenologist, Italian Denise Cosentino.

Feb. 23 2021

The Wuhan wet market is a digital art piece. Anyone can visit, using a smartphone

Wuhan, Wet Market, is the digital art piece by artist John Craig Freeman, who started the project in 2016, unaware of what would have happened in 2020. Today his exploration of the Chinese market in Wuhan proves to be very ...Leggi altro

Jul. 07 2020

Singapore-China. The two faces of the Asian market

On the one hand, Singapore, the small Switzerland of the East, on the other, China, the Asian giant. Two distant economies and two different ways of understanding wine. Gambero Rosso returns to Asia, with the new Tre Bicchieri 2019 vs. ...Leggi altro

Jun. 21 2019

China: zero duty for Aussie wines. Australia now accelerates

The zeroing of duties was the last step of the free trade agreement Chafta-China Australia Free Trade Agreement, signed in Camberra in 2015. Tariffs have been reduced since then and Australia is not the second largest wine supplier in China.

Feb. 18 2019

E-commerce. China leads the ranking of alcohol sales

China is the country with the highest number of online alcohol purchases with a value of purchases of $ 6.1 billion. Here is the analysis of the Chinese wine e-commerce. 

Sep. 24 2018

China moves torwards the third place in the world for alcohol consumption

2016: in China, this year will be recalled for the overtaking of grape wine consumption over the rice one. And for the development of alcohol consumption. Here's why.

Jan. 04 2017
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