Bologna’s top pastry shops to try

Birthplace of master Gino Fabbri, but not only: the capital of Emilia Romagna holds many surprises for the sweet tooth, thanks to its many pastry shops. Here are the best ones.

Typical restaurants in Bologna: where to taste traditional dishes

The Learned, the Red, but firstly, the Fat: Bologna preserves a very tasty solid cuisine, enjoyed in restaurants that preserve dishes of the past and typical and traditional recipes. Here is a map with must-visit places.

Where to enjoy the best breakfasts in Bologna

Bakers, historic pastry shops, specialty cafes: there's something for everyone in Bologna. Here are the places to visit to start your day right.

Borgo Mameli: new cultural space with great food in Bologna

With the idea of restoring life to forgotten spaces by creating events and cultural activity programmes, the Peacock Lab association created a new Bolognese summer courtyard, with good products and live music.

The best restaurants for dining al fresco in Bologna

Bologna is known for its covered porticoes, but also its outdoor dining in graceful courtyards or gardens. Here are the best restaurants for dining al fresco.

Grandmas Project. Grandmothers in the kitchen on short films about the 20th century

Born in 2016 and growing thanks to crowdfunding, the project conceived by the film maker Jonas Pariente invites all the directors of the world to share short documentaries online portraying their grandmothers starting with a recipe. Grandmas Project is not...

Scarto in Bologna. The anti-waste cocktail bar is now serving meals: new chef and menu

Born just over a year ago in the spaces of a former convent, Scarto is a decidedly unconventional cocktail bar. Behind it there is a clear thought: to promote a circular economy, starting from food. And from cocktails. Autumn 2019...

10 September Food Festivals

From cheese to couscous, by way of sake and desserts, September is the opening of the food festival season in Italy. Here are the most interesting ones. 

The future of the Bolognina market includes sheep’s milk cheeses and heretic wine makers

Forget the Mercato delle Erbe, or the Mezzo. Bologna invests on requalifying its ancient neighbourhood markets, and now it’s the turn of the via Albani structure. This is one of the city’s most ancient markets. Revamping it could requalify the...

Massimo Bottura receives honorary degree in Business Administration. Laurea ad honorem from Università di Bologna

On February 6, 2017, in a packed auditorium, the Aula Magna Santa Lucia dell' Alma Mater at the Università di Bologna, Massimo Bottura received an honorary degree, laurea honoris causa, in Business Administration.
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