Borgo Mameli: new cultural space with great food in Bologna

Jul 29 2020, 09:05 | by Michela Becchi
With the idea of restoring life to forgotten spaces by creating events and cultural activity programmes, the Peacock Lab association created a new Bolognese summer courtyard, with good products and live music.

Borgo Mameli: the new life of Piazza di Porta San Felice in Bologna

A meeting point open seven days a week from 6pm to 2am, created in a former brewery of a 19th-century barracks, a 350-square-meter courtyard perfect for the summer, especially this year when outdoor spaces are more popular. It's called Borgo Mameli and is located in Piazza di Porta San Felice in Bologna. It is proposed as a place of "culture and aggregation," as explained by the creators of the project curated by Peacock Lab, a cultural association born in 2008 for the creative repurpose of disused and neglected urban environments, through cultural events and research actions. A temporary space created in collaboration with the City of Bologna, Confcommercio and Goodland, active until the end of October but which will then be transformed into a multifunctional space, with activities related to culture, dining and also sustainable tourism.

Borgo Mameli in Bologna: the food offer

Today Borgo Mameli is the ideal place to enjoy the cool summer evenings in a tastefully decorated space, sipping a fine cocktail and enjoying some tasty and seasonal dishes. Sustainability is one of the keywords of the project: the products available, therefore, are all organic and local, coming from small niche producers in the area. There's Goodland and Local to You, while for drinking there is Ghisa, a container bar with cocktails, natural wines and craft beers. And then the meat of butcher Zivieri, the fresh fish catch of the day, plus organic vegetables from nearby farms, all cooked and served by Fuoco Vivo. Traditional dishes are a must, created with care by Convivio. Think classic tagliatelle and all the other Bolognese specialties, even in a fresher and lighter summer version. Plus space for pizza by Ranzani 13, with a soft dough and a pronounced, light and digestible crust, enriched with carefully selected ingredients for the toppings

The cultural activities at Borgo Mameli

Furthermore, cultural activities are a strong point here, from theatre performances by NarrandoBO to "Live the courtyard" interactive format created by Massimo Vitali. In addition, also live music, staged every Saturday evening thanks to musicians who play from windows for a "reverse serenade," as the organizers define it. On Sunday, instead, DJ sets of the Peacock Lab Talk, address the issue of sustainable agriculture, food and other environmental issues, together with the producers of Goodland. In short, a new space in Bologna, or rather an old place that comes back to life and is returned to citizens in a different, modern and engaging guise.

by Michela Becchi

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