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Gianluca Legrottaglie and the American dream (come true)

Gianluca Legrottaglie to open two new locations of pinseria Montesacro in the Bay area, replicated also in New York.

Paradigma, the other side to Unforgettable in Turin by Christian Mandura

The new project by Christian Mandura that occupies the upper floor of Unforgettable is called Paradigma. In Turin, animal paradise.

Molto at the Galleria Borghese in Rome. Another museum restaurant

Yet another museum restaurant in Rome: we are talking about Molto at the Galleria Borghese.

Books. Iconiche similitudini by Matteo Baronetto

Not a cooking manual but rather an art book, which opens with the aesthetic similarity of some products to finding their gustatory assonance. Matteo Baronetto is the author

Where to eat Rome's best maritozzo: 6 places to try

The typical Roman breakfast features the maritozzo with whipped cream. Where to eat it? Here is our ranking.

The Cornish Italian: British e-commerce dedicated to tiramisù and Italian specialities

A beautiful story of young entrepreneurship abroad: Ugo, who began to take baby steps in theatre to then find himself with his own business dedicated to the Italian dessert par excellence, tiramisu. Which he ships all over the UK.

Ukraine: fundraising by Italian chef in Kyiv


Førma Bakery, the new L'Aquila bread baker with breads and baked desserts

First a restaurant, now it's time to devote attention to bread, but also to pies, croissants, biscuits. Young chef Simone Ciuffetelli has opened a bread bakery in L'Aquila.

Untitled 53 Bites & Wines in Rome: Roman-style signature tapas

A new fine and affordable dining destination offering tapas and shared dishes that mix Roman and eastern flavors.

Italian entrepreneurship abroad. The story of Terroni in Toronto

Started out as a food shop, then a restaurant and even pizzeria, now it also includes a magazine and delivery services. Here's how this Italian group conquered the Canadian public with Made in Italy taste.
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