Where to find the best pasticciotti in Salento

Jun 23 2023, 08:39
A pastry shell filled to the brim with custard: how can you resist the legendary pasticciotto leccese? We have collected a series of insignia for enjoying this Salento specialty.

Legend has it that the pastry was invented by Andrea Ascalone, a pastry chef from Galatina who lived in the mid-18th century. In order to cope with economic difficulties, he set out to experiment with new creations to boost sales. By baking custard and scraps of leftover shortcrust pastry, shaped inside small coppersmith moulds, Ascalone created a pastry that was, in his opinion, not very harmonious, a "pasticcio," (i.e. a mess) which, on the other hand, others liked very much. Historical anecdotes aside, pasticciotti today are one of the symbols of Salento: here's where to find the best ones.

The best pasticciotti in Salento

Agnese De Donatis Artigiana dei Sapori (Casarano)

The business that bears the name of Agnese De Donatis is new. She had already become well known in the area for her work as chef in the family business, then after two years of research and travel, she opened in the summer of 2022. Here patrons can enjoy great products at any hour, made with excellent ingredients. The style is French, but it’s not a classic boulangerie (and don't call it a coffee bar!), here one can find international recipes, but there are also the unfailingly good pasticciotti. Note of merit for the cream filling, smooth and silky, which makes the pastries special.

Agnese De Donatis Artigiana dei Sapori – Casarano (LE) - facebook.com/p/Agnese-De-Donatis-Artigiana-dei-sapori-100066850444256/?locale=ms_MY

Aldemorisco (Lecce)

A great passion for the baking art led Michele Vetere and Paola Rizzelli, a couple in work and in life, to open an artisan pastry workshop after their university studies, where they reintroduced old family recipes, centred on top-quality ingredients. The place is best known for its almond paste, but the torta pasticciotto is no less intriguing: a dessert to share, characterised by the presence of black cherries in syrup, also available in a variant made with homemade jams.

Aldemorisco – Lecce – via Foscarini 16/20 - facebook.com/Aldemorisco?locale=ms_MY

Arôme de Cacao (Corsano)

On the strength of a family passion for baking that’s lasted for three generations, Salvatore Toma is a renowned maître chocolatier with a definite quality-oriented philosophy. In the workshop, active since 2012, traditional delicacies take shape, including pasticciotti, with their crumbly pastry and richly flavoured cream. Try the chocolate version.

Arôme de Cacao – Corsano (LE) – via Umbria, 10 - facebook.com/aromedecacao?locale=ms_MY

Arte Bianca (Parabita)

Antonio Campeggio is tied to the traditions of his native Salento starting with pasticciotti, which he first revised in a contemporary key by offering sweet and savoury pasticciottini with many filling variations. In addition to the classic with pastry cream, here you can find ones with coconut or with local capocollo. All made from carefully selected ingredients.

Arte Bianca – Parabita (LE) – via Don Sturzo - facebook.com/ArteBiancaParabitaLE


Tradition has it that the pasticciotto was born right here, in this shop that still retains the furnishings and charm of yesteryear. In its rooms, the iconic boxes of shortcrust pastry are also found in the fruttone variant, filled with almond and black cherry jam and glazed with chocolate, or in cake version. For the more gluttonous, there are also chocolate ones.

Ascalone – Galatina (LE) – via Vittorio Emanuele II, 17 - facebook.com/pages/Pasticceria-Ascalone/227816357325113

Caffè Alvino (Lecce)

An elegant café and pastry shop in front of the Roman Amphitheater, an unmissable stop for a coffee, paired with an excellent pasticciotto. Try it both in the classic version with pastry cream only (a generous amount) or in alternative variations, such as the one with cereal and figs. In any case, the pastry is delicious, scented and fragrant.

Caffè Alvino – Lecce – Piazza Sant’Oronzo, 30 - facebook.com/Alvino.Catamo

Caffè dei Napoli (Alliste)

Turning one century old in 2022 is this historic pastry shop in the heart of the village. Over time it has seen four generations of the Venneri family take the helm, which have made it a solid point of reference in Salento. Currently steering is the winning tandem made up of Giovanni and his son Roberto, who focus on local and high quality products for an articulated and brilliant offer across the board. The classic pasticciotti are very good, but the unmissable product is the oversize pasticciottone for festive gatherings.

Caffè dei Napoli – Alliste (LE) – Piazza Municipio, 11 - cafedeinapoli.com/

Caffè Italia Protopapa (Taurisano)

The work of the Protopapa family, an institution in the city since 1932, is long-lived. It is still characterised today by the valid artisan production, focused on fresh and quality ingredients. Particularly renowned are the pasticciotti, very popular for breakfast: those with pastry cream alone are a must, but the other variations are also worth trying, such as the one with custard, ricotta, berries and a sprinkling of pistachios.

Caffè Italia Protopapa – Taurisano (LE) - facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063454992101

Dolce Arte (Cutrofiano)

The great passion and a continuous desire to improve are the distinctive features of this establishment that has its undisputed specialty in gelato. However, the other proposals, of great value, should not be underestimated, whether they be the mignon or the iconic pasticciotti. Shortcrust pastry filled with pastry cream, nothing else: here they focus on traditional flavours, enhanced thanks to the use of fine ingredients.

Dolce Arte – Cutrofiano (LE) – via Garibaldi, 31 - facebook.com/dolceartecutrofiano

Dolci e Dintorni (Galatina)

Massimiliano Baglivo has stood out since the opening of his store in 2005 for being a contemporary pastry chef, whose proposals intrigue thanks to the shapes, colours and unusual names. At the long counter elegant pastries are on display, which leave room, however, also for the classics of the Salento pastry art. The pasticciotti are offered in the original version, without reinterpretations, to the delight of the more traditionalist.

Dolci e Dintorni – Galatina (LE) – via Toscana, 26 - facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063764583307

Dulce (Casarano)

Enrico Casarano is young but he already has many important results on his resumé: Italian chocolate champion in 2016 and world pastry champion with the Italy team in 2017. His small and well-kept pastry shop in the centre of town is always packed. He chooses the best ingredients, working with passion and rigorous technique. Shortcrust pastry is one of his specialties, and in fact the pasticciotti are always offered on his counter: beautiful and glossy, filled to the right point, balanced, a hymn to traditional flavours.

Dulce – Casarano (LE) – via G. Carducci, 22 - facebook.com/pasticceriadulce

Eros Bar Pasticceria (Galatina)

Since 1968 this historic shop has been synonymous with quality thanks to the talent of its founder, Lorenzo Derniolo. Then the management passed successfully into the hands of his son Luigi and his wife Cristina, who ensure a proposal that's always at A level. Starting with the pasticciotto, sublimated in the Tipicciotto variant, not a modern interpretation but rather the result of research and studies. Lorenzo and Cristina have in fact discovered that at the time of the invention of the pasticciotto, the flours used were all soft wheat: so they decided to prepare the cake using this type of organic and local flour. The result is top-notch.

Eros Bar Pasticceria – Galatina (LE) – Piazza San Pietro, 9 - facebook.com/eros.bar.9

Murrieri (Racale)

Ilario Murrieri approached pastry art from a very young age and today he is an expert pastry chef who has been at the helm of this refined pastry shop with professionalism and passion for more than thirty years. An ideal destination to start the day off right with perfectly made pasticciotti. Classic, simple, unbeatable.

Murrieri – Racale (LE) – via Mazzini, 26 - facebook.com/PasticceriaMurrieri/?locale=it_IT

Natale (Lecce)

A historic address, that of Fernando Natale and his wife Lina Amato, who since the 1970s have been exponentially improving the quality of their offer. There is the traditional pasticciotto and also the fruttone filled with artisan jams, and then the pasticciotto gelato, an alternative way to enjoy the Salento dessert in the summer.

Natale – Lecce – via Salvatore Trinchese, 7 - facebook.com/natalepasticceria?locale=it_IT

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