Eating at the seaside: the best restaurants on the Pesaro Riviera

Jun 28 2023, 08:23
The Adriatic coast from Gabicce Mare to Pesaro is a stretch of coastline that holds many surprises, in terms of both landscape and food and wine. Here are the places that should not be missed

50 kilometres of clean beaches and crystal-clear sea: a splendid and still little-known stretch of the Adriatic that offers holiday opportunities for every need. There are well-organised lidos, comfortable hospitality facilities, opportunities to enjoy water sports, well-maintained promenades for relaxing strolls and ancient villages to visit. As well as lively dining options between traditional places and fascinating fine dining.

Where to eat on the Pesaro Riviera

Gabicce Mare

Dalla Gioconda
Restaurant. Davide Di Fabio, for years working under Massimo Bottura, celebrates the national culinary tradition with dishes centred around flavour, interesting textures and precision in preparation. Important wine cellar, pleasant outdoor area.
Dalla Gioconda – fraz. Gabicce Monte - via dell'Orizzonte, 2 – 0541 962295 –

Restaurant. A hotel restaurant, it offers a splendid terrace with postcard views and sunsets. The menu features classic seafood dishes, quality crudo and pastas with well-cooked sauces before a wide repertoire of grilled dishes, fish frys and baked dishes. Large wine list.
Posillipo – fraz. Gabicce Monte - via dell'Orizzonte, 1/a – 0541 953373 –

Fiorenzuola di Focara

Osteria Focara
Trattoria. Belonging to the Borghi più Belli d'Italia (Most Beautiful Villages in Italy), Fiorenzuola di Focara is a hamlet of Pesaro that's also an interesting culinary destination. This is a cosy place with a pleasant outdoor area where diners can enjoy dishes of substance and flavour that are the result of well-established recipes. The drinking is also good.
Osteria Focara – p.zza Dante Alighieri, 10 – 0721 208396 – Facebook Profile

Piadineria. It is a seasonal kiosk, ideal for a tasty pit stop but also for informal dinners with breathtaking views. The selection of local ingredients is the basis of every piadina filling, enhanced by an expressly prepared, light piadina.
Piadinzuola – p.zza Dante Alighieri, 3 – 0721 208307 –


Restaurant. Stefano Ciotti guides one of the city's best addresses with a sure hand. The menu condenses the chef's sensitivity for both the sea (that of Pesaro, his adopted country) and inland (Romagna, his homeland). Fine wine list.
Nostrano – p.le della Libertà, 7 – 0721 639813 –

Rossini Bistrot
Bistro. Lovely French-style restaurant. The idea was to revive dishes that evoke the passions of the great composer Rossini, especially in the use of truffles, turkey and prosciutto. The menu often varies according to the availability of products. The wine list is on par.
Rossini Bistrot – via G. Passeri, 80 – 0721 1861143 –

Lo Scudiero
Restaurant. In the historic stables of Palazzo Baldassini, Daniele Patti offers cuisine based on great ingredients and bold combinations. He mainly works with fish from the Adriatic Sea, but there are also turf dishes with fine meats and truffles (depending on the season).
Lo Scudiero – via Baldassini, 2 – 0721 1651804 –

Taverna del Pescatore
Restaurant. The magnificent panoramic terrace alone would be worth the trip, but it is the culinary proposal that plays the starring role, a cuisine that fully satisfies thanks to the immediacy of flavours and the precision in execution. Well constructed wine list.
Taverna del Pescatore – Borgata Casteldimezzo, 23 – 377 3672600 –


Restaurant. The young and talented chef Antonio Scaranchino is at the helm of this beautiful restaurant by the sea, where he offers high level cuisine thanks to fine quality catch, starting with the crudo (raw fish). The wine list is rich and not trivial. For something simpler, there is the spin-off La Tressa bistrot.
AlMare – via Ruggero Ruggeri, 2 – 0721 969727 –

Alla Lanterna
Restaurant. The Cerioni family has been offering traditional quality dining for years, based on fresh local fish chosen wisely and cooked with respect. Extensive and well-structured wine list, elegant ambiance, hotel.
Alla Lanterna – strada Nazionale Adriatica Sud, 78 – 0721 884748 –

Osteria dalla Peppa
Trattoria. In the heart of Borgo Cavour, a delightful restaurant with cosy spaces and an outdoor area offers cuisine with a strong traditional imprint based on carefully chosen products that are always chosen according to season. Don't miss the fresh homemade pasta dishes. Wines and beers to accompany.
Osteria dalla Peppa – via Vecchia, 8 – 0721 823904-331 6454088 –


La Paglia Ristorantino
Restaurant. A pretty little villa in a lush garden, with ample space and outdoor seating, it is the right place to enjoy fine cuisine that moves on two fronts, Marche tradition and the nearby sea, adding successful creative touches. Closing the circle is an extensive wine list.
La Paglia Ristorantino – via Tre Pini, 40 – 339 7595955 –

by Clara Barra and Valentina Marino

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