Michela Becchi

Maura Gosio. Exploring Valle d’Aosta

In her Petit restaurant inside the Hotel Royal e Golf, Maura Gosio offers the best of Valle d’Aosta products in her inspired cucina, classic and modern, elegant and homey.

Vermouth mania. La Venaria Reale Riserva from Giulio Cocchi

Vinitaly 2016 was the ideal occasion for presenting La Venaria Reale Riserva. At the end of the 19th century, brilliant pastry chef Giulio Cocchi, an alchemist of flavor, first produced this Vermouth di Torino.

Ten extra virgin olive oil shops around the world that sell liquid gold

Marketing, promoting, adding value to quality extra virgin olive oil: the many responsibilities of an oleoteca–a store that exclusively sells olive oil. A glance into the business world that revolves around Italy’s liquid gold, as told by the owners.

Brussels recognizes IGP Sicilia olive oil. The EU honors the island region’s production

After Tuscany, it is time for Sicily to valorise its olive oil production. Now, the recognition for an Igp brand is being processed.
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