Bugan Coffee Lab, from Bergamo to Livigno:specialty coffee shop news

Nov 29 2019, 09:39 | by Michela Becchi
It would seem to be the highest micro roaster in Europe, surely the first in Livigno, an elite ski destination that for some time now also has a designer café, thanks to the work of Maurizio Valli and his team. Meanwhile, the barista has opened a new branch in Upper Town Bergamo.

Bugan Coffee Lab in Bergamo: Maurizio Vallin

Continuous study, plantation visits, roasting work, preparation for competitions, experience as a judge, a trainer, non-stop training, in front of and behind the professor's desk. In the world of coffee, Maurizio Valli doesn't need much of an introduction: his coffee shop and micro roaster with Bugan Coffee Lab training school in Bergamo is a landmark in the city and not only for the quality of the beverage. A tireless researcher, Maurizio never ceases to innovate: after purchasing a new place exclusively dedicated to courses and roasting, he inaugurated a new specialty bar in Livigno.

Kàfe pecialty coffee bar in Livigno

The name is Kàfe and it recalls in style a typical high altitude chalet, surrounded by snowy peaks and sweeping views: the decor is essential, minimal, played on wood and black, with avant-garde equipment and a welcoming mountain atmosphere. The designer on the project is Manuel Castellani, with the complicity of Maurizio and his team: "He attended all the courses with us and then decided to take the empty space below the house house and turn it into a coffee shop with roasting facility". Probably the highest in altitude in Europe, coffee lovers here can choose between espresso and filter coffee extracted in chemex, v60, cold brew, French press, all prepared with select Bugan beans.

Bugan Coffee Lab: the Upper Town branch

Meanwhile, Maurizio has also opened a second branch in Bergamo, in the Upper Town, "an essential tourist destination today for any traveler". The purpose? "Make the project known even more by foreigners", a goal quickly reached, thanks to the continuous flow of tourists, "I already have a collaboration with a Dubai coffee roaster, which has generated good word of mouth". The formula is the same as ever: filter extractions, impeccable espressos, quality raw materials roasted to perfection (another novelty concerns the roasting department, now in the hands of Roberto Breno, "great kid and very passionate").

 Bugan Coffee Lab in Upper Town bergamo: prices

The classic rules of the Bugan stay in place: no sugar, "I will never give up on this point: the palate must be educated, that's why I don't buy it either", curiosity and desire to discover new flavours and aromas. The prices in a similar position, of course, are a little higher: 2 euros for an espresso, 4 euros for a cappuccino, 6 euros for a filter coffee, 5 euros for a glass of cold brew. "Despite the high prices for the Upper Town, consumer don't complain anymore. I hope that the time for protests in the coffee world can be considered concluded". Because––it's time to make peace with this all-Italian heritage––quality coffee, from sustainable agriculture, made with technique and rigour, cannot cost only one euro.

by Michela Becchi

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