Bee_nfluencer, the Instagram star in defense of biodiversity

Nov 20 2019, 14:22 | by Michela Becchi
Her name is B., her Instagram profile is Bee_nfluencer features in great detail what the good practices are for bee preservation. Plus, she's a real web star.

The fact that social profiles––Facebook, but even more Instagram––are fundamental for marketing in the food sector, is a well-known concept. Dishes and recipes aside, however, online platforms can also prove to be valid allies for spreading important messages, such as in defense of bees, extinction-threatened insects increasingly at the centre of solidarity projects and initiatives.

The influencer bee: Bee_nfluencer on Instagram

Bees, essential for maintaining the balance of biodiversity in nature, now are represented by an influencer thanks to the account Bee_nfluencer on Instagram, created by the Fondation de France with the aim of raising public awareness on the topic of extinction. A profile that in a short time has reached over 220K followers, a number that is growing rapidly every day, to underline how much the topic is heartfelt at international level. The protagonist is called B. and, just like the most popular influencers, she shares photos in human poses, near famous monuments, on the beach, at the coffee bar, by the river, in the bathroom in front of the mirror... common and recognizable shots, but with an unusual subject.

Influencer bee: goals

A classic honey bee, the one that is in most danger, according to the US Department of Agriculture, created with CGI technology (computer generated imagery) is committed to raising funds through advertising for the French association and thus funding actions in favour of bees. Three main objectives: to promote pollinator-favourable agriculture; rebuild the habitats of missing bees due to monoculture and urbanization; spread awareness of the impact of pesticides on biodiversity.


Each photo is accompanied by a pertinent caption or one dedicated to environmental projects. Like the one created with La Poste, a manufacturer of plantable letter envelopes, made with recycled materials and seeds, which once planted will give life to flowers and plants: "Every planted flower is a step towards protecting bees", says B. Other collaborations with other businesses, such as with Airbnb, which introduced the "Animals Experiences", to allow people to approach animals more responsibly with the help of the hosts that, in addition to making their home available also offer different experiences with animals. From canoe rides with a corgi, to tea in the countryside with a flock of sheep, visitors can now discover not only different places and cultures, but also find contact with nature and the connection with animals

B.’s photos

Scrolling through the B.'s feed viewers can read meaningful messages about the role of insects, but also observe many amusing and ironic poses, which recall the iconic shots used by today's influencers: B. lying on the beach, B. in the disco, B. doing yoga on a cliff, B. in bed on a rainy day and asking for advice on the next book to read, B. showing her morning "beauty routine". But above all there is B. engaged in environmental projects, a bee seeking collaborations and partnerships useful to the cause (the first launched was with Ricola candy company that has chosen to promote a lifestyle with low environmental impact). How to help her? Following her and spreading the profile. The more visibility increases, the easier it will be for B. to create new initiatives.

by Michela Becchi

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