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Ch1887 opens in Rome. A cocktail bar in the traditional Checchino restaurant

Cucina romana and cocktails? Who would have thought. Yet mixology and the Eternal City’s classic dishes, bold flavors and fatty elements go very well together. The home of quinto quarto in Rome surprises everyone and opens a cocktail bar.

May. 27 2016

Maura Gosio. Exploring Valle d’Aosta

In her Petit restaurant inside the Hotel Royal e Golf, Maura Gosio offers the best of Valle d’Aosta products in her inspired cucina, classic and modern, elegant and homey.

May. 26 2016

Dining in Milan. Guide to the city’s restaurants according to the top chefs

We selected ten renowned Milan restaurants and asked the resident chefs, pizzaioliand pastry chefs to each share their top 3 favorites. 

May. 25 2016

Vermouth mania. La Venaria Reale Riserva from Giulio Cocchi

Vinitaly 2016 was the ideal occasion for presenting La Venaria Reale Riserva. At the end of the 19th century, brilliant pastry chef Giulio Cocchi, an alchemist of flavor, first produced this Vermouth di Torino.

May. 24 2016

Ramen ya Luca in Turin. The secret is in the broth

Puglia-born and Turin-adopted Gianluca Zambotto's dream becomes reality two years ago, after training in L.A. kitchens and several trips to Japan. Today, Gianluca is the the only chef offering the most authentic ramen ya tradition in Turin. Respectfully, creatively and ...Leggi altro

May. 23 2016

Italian superstitions: a lot has to do with food

Italians are – for the most part – superstitious. We grow up with unspoken regulations to ward off bad luck, and just as casually perform rituals to draw in good fortune. These “habits” are very hard to lose, despite rationality ...Leggi altro

May. 21 2016

From Friuli to Bordeaux to heal French vineyards. The great Chateaux and the Italian pruners

Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, grape pruners from Friuli, have made their mark in France. In Bordeaux, the great Chateaux saw their vines dying and called out for help.

May. 20 2016

Niko Romito, Massimiliano Alajmo, Ricard Camarena and pressure cooking

In the '60s and '70s the golden era of the pressure cooker, no cup of broth was cooked without it. Recently it is living a second renaissance in titled kitchens. Niko Romito, Massimiliano Alajmo and Spanish Ricard Camarena tell us ...Leggi altro

May. 17 2016

The Botanical Club in Milan. Spleen et Ideal gin and a second space on Tortona

Alessandro Longhin and Davide Martelli started their Milan adventure under a year ago: a micro-distillery, cocktail bar and bistro that blends quality cocktails and fine dining. Let’s take a look at the newly opened second space on via Tortona. 

May. 11 2016

Internet of Things. Vol 2. How does it apply to winemaking?

In a previous installment we examined how the Internet of Things can be applied to rice farming. Today we take a look at what happens in the wine cellar.

May. 09 2016
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