vegan food

Veggie burgers: ideas and recipes for making them at home

Made with legumes, potatoes, tofu, seitan or soy: here are some ideas to reduce your meat intake and prepare excellent homemade veggie burgers.

Dairy-free diet: vegan alternatives for butter

Those who can not or do not want to consume dairy products, do not have to worry: there are many natural vegetable options with which to replace the classic butter in cakes.

Berlin goes vegetarian: (almost) meat-free menus in university canteens

Students are clamouring for vegan options in the canteens and the university is accommodating them. Here's how menus are changing in Berlin.

Chickpea flour: properties, uses in cooking and delicious recipes to make at home

Those who follow a vegan diet probably already know: chickpea flour is a more versatile and tasty ingredient than you might imagine. That's why we decided to take it a step further with an online cookbook. From omelettes to brownies...

World Environment Day. How to reduce environmental impact in the kitchen

What does it mean to celebrate the environment? The theme is complex and delicate, but we've drawn up a list of actions to set a good example in the kitchen, be it at home or in the restaurant.

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. The advantages of the Mediterranean diet according to Luca Piretti

First of all grains, vegetables and legumes, followed by everything else. Some physical activity and rest are also needed: this is why it's important to reconsider the model of the Mediterranean diet.

Veganuary and sustainability. We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

The climate crisis is becoming increasingly urgent and researchers, scientists, journalists and authors from all over the world continue to sound the alarm. Among the main causes, intensive farming is the central theme of the latest book by Jonathan Safran...

Veganuary: why choose to eat less meat

Time for change, starting at the table. In contributing to the fight against climate change, it's mandatory to reduce our meat intake. An easy way to get started? Veganuary invites everyone to give up on animal products for a month.

KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken. How the market for "fake" animal products is evolving: from milk to eggs, to fish

After Burger King, KFC also marries the idea of fake meat. And the fast food fried chicken nuggets become vegetal, in collaboration with Beyond Meat. Meanwhile, the numbers and the catalog of the food surrogate industry are growing. From milk...
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