British party foods: the perfect menu to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

There’s no better way to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen and her Platinum Jubilee than a traditional British party. Here are a few ideas for the perfect menu.

Origins, history and legends of British pubs

In the United Kingdom there is nothing better than spending the evening at the pub, whether to taste the local cuisine or simply to go for a beer with friends. But how did these pubs come into being? Here's their...

UK’s pudding competition to celebrate Her Majesty's 70-year reign

It was the Queen herself who launched this unique pudding competition to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. Who will win?

Dry January. In UK’s alcohol-free January, non-alcoholic beer sales are skyrocketing

There are those who give up meat, and those who give up alcohol. January is the month of resolution, and UK’s one-month alcohol-free challenge is back. Here's how it works.

UK’s supermarkets team up with WWF for environmental sustainability

A plan to save rainforests and a programme to reduce the environmental impact of five major supermarket chains. Here is the UK's environment action plan.

Street food in London. French crepes and the Tottenham’s hidden kiosk

One of London’s poorest areas, Tottenham has never been famous for its restaurants. Someone decided to bet on it anyway, setting up a small hidden French crepe stand.

Tinned meat: history of the iconic canned product

There was one case, in which it even fed crews trapped in the ice for two years: the story of legendary tinned meat.

History and typical products of English afternoon tea

Pastries, finger sandwiches, lots of tea but also a fine glass of Champagne: what's mandatory in the English afternoon tea ritual.

The UK rediscovers the milkman. Now milk bottles are delivered to doorsteps again

An iconic figure until the 1970s, the British milkman had ended up becoming a thing of the past. But the pandemic has brought back the door-to-door milk delivery service, for practical reasons, sustainability and affection.

Theresa May on junk food and her about-face: the food industry must not be damaged

The latests statements of newly elected UK Prime Minister on preventing child obesity have enflamed those who have made the fight against junk food their mission, like Jamie Oliver. Here’s why Great Britain will not apply the promised restrictions.
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