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Russia, the Tre Bicchieri rekindle the love for Italy

Between QR codes, the desire to return to travel and a restaurant industry that's been able to resist like few others. And now looking to the future

Restaurant of the Week: Pasticifico Cori in San Diego

If you're in San Diego missing the Italian cuisine, here is the perfect restaurant for you: Pastificio Cori!

Week of Italian cuisine in the world: Mono restaurant in Edinburgh

Mono in Edinburgh is the Emering restaurant of the Year in our Top Italian Restaurants guide. Let’s fly away from usual dishes and clichés

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. No distance between Tokyo and Naples with a good pizza

Napoli sta’ ca’’ in Tokyo is the Pizzeria of the Year for the Top Italian Restaurants guide 2021

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. Rare as gold in Germany: Mario Gamba

Mario Gamba's Italian restaurant in Munich is a real gem of Italian cuisine in Germany. Here's the interview with the chef.

Week of the Italian cuisine in the world. Meet Jesper Blomqvist from Stockholm

Let's meet Jesper Blomqvist from 450 Gradi pizzeria in Stockholm!

Hall of Fame

Chef of the Year 2017 Alessandro Cozzolino 2018 Michele Farnesi 2019 Emanuele Pollini 2020 Mario Gamba 2021 Carmine Amarante Restaurant of the Year 2017 Era Ora, Copenhagen 2018 Lumi, Sydney 2019 Il Ristorante Luca Fantin, Tokyo 2020 Da Vittorio, Shanghai...

Top Italian Restaurants Special Awards 2021

There are more than 700 venues of authentic Italian flavour listed in our Top Italian Restaurants guide. Here is the list of the special awards 2021.

Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. Acquarello restaurant in Munich

Mario Gamba, Acquarello's chef, sees very few competition in regards to technical skills: he embodies Italian cullinary creativity in Germany. A real Maestro. 

Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. What is the Italian flavour?

We just celebrated the fifth edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World and now it's time to talk about the true Italian flavour.
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