Week of Italian cuisine in the world. No distance between Tokyo and Naples with a good pizza

Feb 26 2021, 16:23 | by Lorenzo Ruggeri
Napoli sta’ ca’’ in Tokyo is the Pizzeria of the Year for the Top Italian Restaurants guide 2021

A top quality pizza in Tokyo

Could you imagine that in Japan you can find one of the best pizza Margherita tasted outside Italian borders? Credit is due to the talent and tenacity of Giuseppe Errichiello, a Neapolitan guy, who has lived in Tokyo for 17 years. He was able to hold out in the most difficult moments. He has run the apprenticeship gamut, working as dishwasher and napkin juggler, he worked very hard after the earthquake,today he is the owner of two very popular pizzerias. The leavening process is slow, the dough and stretching show technical mastery, a rare manual skill: the pizza is airy, melt-in-your-mouth, and topped with certified flavour origin ingredients. The conspicuous distance between Naples and Tokyo is zeroed out with a single bite. Close your eyes and in a second you can erase the 9,844 km that separate Tokyo from Naples.

Giuseppe Errichiello's future projects

Peppe Ericchiello's Margherita is the best example of the level reached by Italian pizza abroad: the dough is majestic, the flavours blend into a single bite of extraordinary pleasantness, soft and airy, with the incisive taste of mozzarella and the delicacy of the tomato. In short, a pie that would be considered excellent even in Naples.. There are two branches in town, the kitchen is also very good. We had some super al dente paccheri with seafood, and proper fried appetizers. Next project? At the end of March Giuseppe is going to launch a new format: Burger Italy. He will point on proper housemade sausages (grandma recipe) and soft house-made bread, topped by selected Italian ingredient. “I don’t believe in pizza delivery, it’s not the same. I will deliver quality Italian burger, I’ve worked hard to find the right kind of bread, now I’m finally satisfied”, Giuseppe told us. And he is also working on a new format of gourmet pizza. “I want to offer a fine dining experience based on pizza. Maximum 20 seats, a superb wine list, elegant location and a pizza tasting like you do with sushi. In Italy it will never work because Italian don’t want to spend much in pizzeria, but Tokyo is the right place for this challenge. Then I could finally came back to Napoli”.


By Lorenzo Ruggeri

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