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Milan's 5 best food delivery services to try

Home shopping can be a great help for those who do not have much free time but still do not want to give up on quality food. Here are five must-try delivery services in Milan.

Palazzo Ripetta. New 5 star hotel with the pastry art of Giuseppe Solfrizzi

In the wholly Roman ferment of hôtellerie, outsider Palazzo Ripetta plays its cards well, with the great patisserie of Giuseppe Solfrizzi.

Where to eat supplì in Rome: the best in the eternal city

Crunchy and melty, supplì remains a favourite street food of local Romans and tourists looking for a delicious snack. Where to eat the best? Here is our ranking.

Lucciano’s in Rome. The first European debut of the gelateria born in Argentina

They left from Buenos Aires for the United States, Rome and Barcelona. This is how the great Lucciano's gelato company works, which is now also present in Italy.

Gino Sorbillo opens Residenza Madre in Naples: rooms above the pizzeria

Gino Sorbillo opens Residenza Madre in Naples: three suites that will soon become six, located right above the historic location of the via dei Tribunali pizzeria.

Dabiz Muñoz opens RavioXO in Madrid. Ravioli, dim sum, gyoza and more

Gyoza, ravioli, dim sum and other pastas, preferably filled: while waiting to move his DiverXO out of town, Dabiz Muñoz opens RavioXO in Madrid

Origins, history and legends of British pubs

In the United Kingdom there is nothing better than spending the evening at the pub, whether to taste the local cuisine or simply to go for a beer with friends. But how did these pubs come into being? Here's their...

United Kingdom: Oliver Cromwell’s favourite pub is now a luxury home for sale

A historic pub transformed into an elegant home, ready for sale: the new owners will enjoy the ancient charm of the oak staircase and the period fireplace. Among the first fans of the club, back then, was Oliver Cromwell.

Gianluca Legrottaglie and the American dream (come true)

Gianluca Legrottaglie to open two new locations of pinseria Montesacro in the Bay area, replicated also in New York.

Paradigma, the other side to Unforgettable in Turin by Christian Mandura

The new project by Christian Mandura that occupies the upper floor of Unforgettable is called Paradigma. In Turin, animal paradise.
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