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Ora d’Aria in Florence reopens with a new look designed by Biscalchin

Marco Stabile's restaurant is ready to reopen its doors, and it does so in a new guise thanks to the hand of illustrator Gianluca Biscalchin. And a special menu in search of the "new Tuscan cuisine."

Sep. 17 2021
Find out more about Pizza and Olive Oil

Pizza and Olive Oil: the Muraglia oil mill meets pizza art on Gambero Rosso Web TV

A new Gambero Rosso production that aims to bring attention to two symbols of fine Made in Italy food: pizza and olive oil.

Sep. 15 2021
Find out more about Plaza Hotel Lucchesi's chef Simone Cipriani

Simone Cipriani opens Ground at the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence

Simone Cipriani doubles the offer at the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence with the Ground and rooftop restaurant while awaiting the reopening of Essenziale

Sep. 03 2021
Find out more about eating in Gargano

Gargano: what and where to eat in Peschici, Vieste and the Tremiti Islands

At the table, Italy's largest promontory brings out the best of a flourishing and generous territory. Here's what to taste (and where) in the villages of the Gargano, a natural oasis in the north of Puglia.

Sep. 02 2021
Find out more about Michelin UK

News for Michelin UK: the guide will reveal new entries of the year a little at a time

Every last Wednesday of the month, the digital guide will update with new entries by the inspectors, but the final ceremony will remain. Here's how the Michelin UK guide has changed.

Aug. 30 2021
Nunzio Marcelli

Abruzzo. The cheeses of Nunzio Marcelli of La Porta dei Parchi farm

This is the story of Nunzio Marcelli, Abruzzese shepherd who for forty years, with stubbornness conducts his farm, La Porta dei Parchi in Anversa degli Abruzzi, together with his ex-wife and children .

Aug. 27 2021
Find out more about Cracco Portofino

Cracco Portofino. Carlo Cracco’s (meatless) restaurant in Liguria

From an old abandoned historic restaurant to a new refined restaurant with the signature of a great chef. This is what Carlo Cracco's Ligurian restaurant, opened at the beginning of July, looks like.

Aug. 08 2021
Find out more about Cortile arabo restaurant

Cortile Arabo in Marzamemi opens a Champagne bar, where you can imbibe feet in the water

A place with a unique style and a welcoming atmosphere, where you can stop and sip a good glass with a view of the sea. In Marzamemi, Cortile Arabo is an address to pin down for the summer.

Jul. 30 2021
Spaghetti bolognese

Don’t call them spaghetti bolognese: the difficult relationship between Bologna and its most popular recipe, abroad

We were at the Marconi airport in Bologna for the presentation of “Don't call them spaghetti bolognese. A Bologna souvenir" to learn more about the bond between the city and its most famous dish abroad.

Jul. 22 2021
Find out more about Tre Bicchieri in Russia

Russia, the Tre Bicchieri rekindle the love for Italy

Between QR codes, the desire to return to travel and a restaurant industry that's been able to resist like few others. And now looking to the future

Jul. 15 2021
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