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Find out more abou the best supplì' in Rome

Where to eat supplì in Rome: the best in the eternal city

Crunchy and melty, supplì remains a favourite street food of local Romans and tourists looking for a delicious snack. Where to eat the best? Here is our ranking.

Jun. 01 2021
Find out more about British pubs

Origins, history and legends of British pubs (now reopening indoors)

In the United Kingdom there is nothing better than spending the evening at the pub, whether to taste the local cuisine or simply to go for a beer with friends. But how did these pubs come into being? Here's their ...Leggi altro

May. 31 2021
How to organise a weekend in Cilento

Weekend in… The coastal towns of Cilento

Our mini-guide series designs itineraries with addresses and insider tips for visiting lesser-known treasures in Italy. The series is conceived to support the local economy of small businesses through sustainable travel. Today we put the focus on three seaside villages ...Leggi altro

May. 28 2021
Find out more about family bars in Italy

Family bar in Italy: breakfast and snack places to visit with the kids

Partly playrooms, partly cafes, family bars are favourite places for parents to enjoy a good snack while their children play or are engaged in recreational activities. Here are not-to-be-missed addresses.

May. 26 2021
Find out more about dining surrounded by greenery in Rome

Dining surrounded by greenery in Rome: 4 spots to try out

With its many parks and villas where you can stroll or stop for a picnic, Rome is a city plenty of green spaces. In many cases, however, there are real restaurants ready to satisfy every need: here's where to eat ...Leggi altro

May. 24 2021
Find out more about Ducasse

Alain Ducasse bids adieu to Plaza Athénée. It’s the end of an era for hotel dining in Paris

Since 2000, the French chef has been running the restaurant of one of the most famous hotels in the city. The collaboration with the Dorchester group continues in Le Meurice, and in London. Behind the fchefìs arewell is there the ...Leggi altro

May. 22 2021

Everything about vinegar. But the real thing!

It's easy to say "vinegar". But under this simple and immediate term hide all manner of ingredients, worlds, cultures (and even by-products) that have been part of human history since its inception. Here's to the rebirth of the vinegar tradition ...Leggi altro

May. 17 2021

It was the year…snippets of modern history of wine in Italy

The dates that have marked the history of modern Italian oenology.

May. 13 2021
granita and brioche

Regional Italian breakfast options, from focaccia ligure to Sicilian granita

Not all breakfasts are created equal: different regions boast characteristic and tasty morning customs. Here are some examples.

May. 12 2021

The nonna and the international marketing of Italian food

Italian cuisine has been gaining enormous terrain in terms of status and global notoriety. Home recipes have a deep impact on the reproduction of the Italian culture among foreigners. An analysis of the figure of Italian nonna.

May. 12 2021
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