The best restaurants in Rome and Lazio awarded by Gambero Rosso

Dec 3 2023, 18:40
Presented in Rome at the Spazio Field of Palazzo Brancaccio, the guide 'Rome and the Best of Lazio 2024' is unveiled. Here are the editorial news, the Tre Forchette, and the special awards.

A thousand. There are numerous addresses selected by Gambero Rosso this year in the guide 'Rome and the Best of Lazio 2024', a thousand addresses that outline the profile of a city and a region with a rich offering, firmly rooted in traditional cuisine, yet with an unprecedented openness to new projects. These aren't easy years for those managing restaurant businesses: inflation is on the rise, there's a reconsideration of work methods, and in the industry, turnover between openings and closures remains high. From our small observatory, there are truly many new developments to keep an eye on to understand where the Capital is heading.

Guide 'Rome and the Best of Lazio 2024'. Editorial Changes

The guide undergoes changes in format and organization, with a renewed division that enhances its usability and readability. The eating-out section in the Capital is divided into categories, starting from restaurants (including fine dining), moving through trattorias, bistros, wine bars, breweries, international cuisines, vegetarian options, and grills. Following that is an intermediate section dedicated to the best places to eat and drink at all hours, from eateries with kitchens to cocktail bars, from ice cream parlors to cafes. Before moving on to highlighting the best venues throughout the region, here are the top one hundred addresses for shopping in the city.

Emerging New Formats

The wave associated with natural wine is perhaps the most prominent among the culinary trends in Rome: certain types of oenological selections are reshaping the city's drinking landscape, with establishments characterized by a dry profile entirely focused on artisanal products, both in the cellar and on the plates (more often small plates, tapas, in an eating map without strict patterns that is increasingly appealing, like enjoying food at the counter). Places like Bar Bozza, L’Antidoto, La Mescita began this trend some years ago, and this year witnessed an explosion with venues such as Avanvera, Ciaparat, Lento, Ruvido. In the case of the latter, a harmonious blend of food/wine so well executed that it deserves the special award for 'Newcomer of the Year' (in collaboration with Krombacher), alongside the restaurant Orma, the trattoria Li Somari in Tivoli, and the small shop Forme - Dispensa in Ripa.

Rome increasingly sought after

The emergence of agile formats, small local spots, and micro-boutiques can also be explained by an economic necessity: one must grapple with a metropolis that is becoming increasingly expensive and highly coveted by major international investments (following Bulgari, there is now anticipation for the Romeo Hotel, which boasts a name like Alain Ducasse for its dining). A city that, more than any other of comparable size, however, remains deeply attached to its gastronomic roots: there isn't a place, whether high or low, that doesn't measure up against the symbolic Roman dishes. And so, we've revived an old habit: identifying the Champions of Tradition, who best interpret the typical recipe book, alongside the special award for the Valorization of the Territory (in collaboration with Casale del Giglio), given to Nù Trattoria in Acuto, and the Gambero Rosso Foundation Ambassadors Award, bestowed upon a solid establishment in the heart of Rome, such as Enrico Pierri's Il Sanlorenzo.


The best restaurants in Rome and Lazio

In order of score, here are the top establishments in the region, the restaurants that have been awarded the Tre Forchette.


La Pergola dell'Hotel Rome Cavalieri - Roma
Il Pagliaccio – Roma
Pascucci al Porticciolo - Fiumicino (RM)
La Trota - Rivodutri (RI)
Enoteca La Torre a Villa Laetitia - Roma
Idylio by Apreda del The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel - Roma
Imàgo dell'Hotel Hassler - Roma
Glass Hostaria – Roma

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