Where to eat sushi in Rome: the best restaurants

Jul 5 2023, 16:23
Sushi is one of the most popular meals eaten outside the home. Here is a list of good addresses to try with our recommendations

Japanese cuisine is not only sushi, we know. In recent years, the Japanese culinary tradition has also been able to make a name for itself with cooked preparations such as ramen (many new openings have chosen to offer only ramen in their menu), katsudon, or even shabu shabu, a dish made of thin slices of wagyu, or oden, a stew of fish balls. The Eastern trend, then, has also veered in another direction, that of fusing traditional Japanese knowledge and mixing it with that of other cuisines, drawing on different ingredients and preparations.

Where to eat the best sushi in Rome

But sushi, you know, is trending. Here we have made a selection of 10 restaurants in Rome where to eat good sushi.


It was Machiko Okazaki who founded both this fine establishment and the Okasan restaurant and Hiromi Cake bakery (both Japanese, both in the Prati district): all signs that stand out for the care, professionalism and good quality of the proposal. Here, among elegant solid wood furnishings, a classic proposal dedicated to specialties from the Kansai region. Sushi well made and offered in an articulated menu, but also courses of traditional cuisine, such as doteiaki (beef cooked at low temperature) or maguru katsu special (fried tuna balls). Courteous and accurate service. Extensive sake offerings.

Otosan - Via Nemorense, 101 - 06 4555 2486 - Profilo Instagram 


Cozy atmosphere, but also recipes prepared in house, with careful technique and craftsmanship, from dumplings to ramen. We are talking about a solid reference, in the heart of the historic center, for all lovers of Japanese cuisine. In addition to the aforementioned preparations not to be missed are the donburi, rice to be combined as desired with different types of condiments, the katsuodon, breaded and fried pork. Not to be outdone are the sushi, nigiri and gunkan offerings. Punctual and attentive service.

Shiroya - Via Dei Baullari, 147a - 06 6476 0753 - Profilo Instagram 


Recently opened and already highly acclaimed is Kohaku, near Via Veneto. A place with whispering elegance, pastel colors and plush service, with women waiters with welcoming smiles. The protagonist is Japanese cuisine in the noble kaiseki form, a kind of traditional multi-course tasting. To be enjoyed in the dining room, in a formidable menu of hot and cold dishes, based on fish, meat and vegetables, or, for true sushi aficionados, to be experienced at the counter: one sits in front of chef Kazuaki Kawane to be guided through a journey of cuts, textures and harmonies. Pairing with tea or sake is most recommended.

Kohaku - Via Marche, 66 - prenotazione tramite il sito - Kohakurome.com


The Japanese sign conceived by Marco Pucciotti has split in two. The space on Via Veio (at number 45) now houses izakaya and pubs, while the trattoria, with a new chef (Claudio Farinelli) at the helm of the kitchen, has moved to the space on Via Menghini (Caffarella), without losing sight of the goal of enhancing the traditional recipes of popular Japanese culture. Gyoza (griddled dumplings), takoyaki (octopus balls), steamed buns such as miso nikuman, stuffed with vegetables, shitaku and tofu cooked in miso broth, for starters. And then ramen, tempura soba, the unadon with rice and lacquered eel, as well as chirashi, sushi and sashimi. Drinks confirm the good list of sake, shochu, beers and Japanese spirits. Centered on street and comfort food is the parallel izakaya offering (you can also eat at the counter), from karaage fried chicken to onigiri, potato and pork korokke with tonkatsu sauce, and the Umami burger.

Umami - Via M. Menghini, 99- 06 8913 8094 - Profilo Instagram 


An atmospheric, cozy place where, in keeping with Japanese tradition, all elements are placed in elegant balance with each other in the realization of an overall harmony of the environment. Thus, lots of attention to detail, but not only in terms of furnishings. In fact, the culinary proposal of Yukari Ohashi and Onorio Vitti's sign is the child of great attention, placed in the selection of raw materials as in the conception and composition of the dishes. Which range between perfect sashimi, the excellent compositions of nigiri, the wide creativity of rolls, traditional meat dishes made from fine cuts of Wagyu, as well as a corollary of certainties ranging from gyoza to ramen. There is good drinking, choosing from a fine wine list that also includes French bubbles. Sake in closing. Attentive and professional service.

Taki - via M. Dionigi 56 - 06 320 1750 - taki.it


Nippo-Brazilian chef Roberto Okabe's beautiful Roman edition restaurant (also in Milan and Porto Cervo) offers beautiful design, atmosphere and lounge music, large mirrors, outdoor tables, very comfortable seating and very dim lighting. Good idea to explore the menu with the help of the young and friendly wait staff. The selection of tartare, sushi and nigiri is rich and well-curated, made with quality raw materials and, classics aside, also offers tempting carpaccios, such as the Okabe Mix, the summa of "seas" in a gazpacho sauce. But it is on the raw-cooked dishes that the cuisine is at its best, as in the very delicious seared cuttlefish noodle with soybean sprouts, spinach and mushrooms in miso sauce; as well as in the 7-spice Ebiten, a uramaki (in eight pieces) of tempura shrimp, mango and shichimi. Also nice are the special maki, the first and second courses (with the ever-present Kobe meat) and the second, "reinforced" selection of sushi and sashimi. All to be accompanied by a few Japanese beers and a discrete wine list, which, however, lacks information (such as vintage and cellar) in the proposal by the glass.

Finger's - via F. Carrara, 15 - 06 323 4453 - fingersrestaurants.com

Kiko sushi bar

Not far from the Sapienza University City, this sign is safe haven in the city for those looking for real sushi, made of purity, raw material and expert technique. The offering is classic: sushi is elaborate in traditional variations, such as nigiri and sashimi. Don't miss the toro, the bluefin tuna belly, and the unagi, the lacquered eel. Then there are excellent tempura, carpaccio and maki, along with the more full-bodied chirashi. The wine selection is small but very interesting. The ambiance minimal and muffled as it should be. Courteous and accurate service.

kiko sushi bar - P.le del Verano, 90 - 06 948 498 22 - kikosushibar.it


A sign that has evolved over time with attention to detail to the millimeter that of Kunihiro Giuliano Este. One descends a few stairs to find oneself in the presence of a kaiten that never remains uncluttered and invites one to sit down for an informal experience. Or you choose your table, in the room furnished with minimalist elegance, screened by a partition. The menu is rich and refined, with crudes, bites like takoyaki and gyoza, and top-notch sushi that benefits from the freshness of the raw material (also evident in the sashimi) and careful preparation of the rice. To fully know the potential of this cuisine, however, one must indulge in omakase, the menu tailor-made for guests by chef Yamamoto Eiji. Attentive service helps guests get their bearings, even in their choice of sake.

Sushisen - via G. Giulietti, 21a - 06 5756 945 - sushisen.it


A sure reference for those who want to try quality Japanese cuisine in a setting with an intimate atmosphere and contemporary style. One of the first Capitoline addresses to offer a menu dedicated to Japan and that still stands out for the absolute quality raw material and on the great mastery in treating it at its best, with rigor and simplicity. They range from sushi, sashimi, vegetable or fish tempura and many other delicacies to be accompanied by tea, sake or choosing from a short list of Italian wine references. Punctual and attentive service.

Hasekura - Via dei Serpenti, 27 - 06 48 36 48 - hasekura.it


The passion for Japanese cuisine of Micaela Gianbanco-who, with Paolo Campesi, started the project-has given birth, where you least expect it, to an authentically crafted izakaya (Japanese tavern), in the ambience and in the specialties that come to the table. Space is small, reservations are mandatory, and the wait can stretch for several weeks. But it's worth a try: the fried foods, from shrimp tempura to tonkatsu, are excellent, as are the octopus takoiyaki and the selection of udon and ramen (rich in flavor). The quality of the fish is most noticeable in the raw seafood - which convinces even when treated with traditional marinades. For dessert, doraiyaki and mochi. Good selection of sake and Nipponese spirits. Polite service.

Mikachan - via Torcegno, 39 - 338 1737246 - mikachan.it



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