Meringue. History, origins and recipes that see it as the protagonist

Elegant and graceful, considered cloying by many, but in any case essential in the art of confectionery: an ode to meringue and its many variations.

History and recipe of Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon roll)

The famous sugar and cinnamon swirl made in Sweden is the perfect treat to start the day. But how did it become popular? Here is the history.

Trentino-Alto Adige, the spiced pastries of the Christmas tradition

If spices are essential, candied fruit and dried fruit are equally important in Trentino-Alto Adige. Here are the traditional cakes for Christmas.

American desserts: classic recipes to try at home

From the famous apple pie to red velvet cake, by way of donuts, cookies and banana split: here are some American desserts to try.

Liqueurs and spirits for use in pastry making: the best products

Fragrant, colourful, intense or delicate: spirits can be very useful to give character to our desserts. Here are the best ones to use in pastry-making.

The story of the Milk Bar and Christina Tosi, host of Bake Squad on Netflix

Her milk is famous for its characteristic cereal flavour, her desserts are appreciated for the simplicity and that pinch of whimsical that has become her trademark. Meet Christina Tosi, the pastry chef who hosts Bake Squad on Netflix.

Typical Turkish sweets, from the Ottoman Empire to present day

Baklava is the most famous pastry, but there are also candies, dishes for Ramadam made with roses and others served during the circumcision of the sultan's son: here are all the Turkish sweets present since the Ottoman Empire.

Gluten Freak. Pop-up bakery in Milan

A pop-up bakery that showcases croissants, pain au chocolat, grilled cheese sandwichesand other leavened products in Milan. It's called Gluten Freak, a project by Laura Lazzaroni and Paolo Minguzzi.

I Segreti del Chiostro in Santa Caterina. The rebirth of the nuns' bakery in Palermo

The ambitious project of recovery and opening to the public of the convent of Santa Caterina is part of the rediscovery of the bakery that the seclusion nuns conducted for centuries. Today the space is a meeting place for taste...
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