Bread and olive oil: the pros share their tips on this Italian classic

Nutritionists confirm there’s no better snack for our kids. Bread drizzled with olive oil is among Italy’s healthiest and most delicious traditional recipes, and for palates of all ages. We asked food professionals a few tips for enjoying bread and ...Leggi altro

May. 12 2021

Deep Food Space Challenge. NASA seeks solutions to ensure safe and tasty food for astronauts

Nutritious, safe, palatable, with zero impact. And designed to accompany man into space, during missions that can last up to three years. To find innovative solutions, NASA promotes a competition open to US and international teams.

Jan. 29 2021

Paysages Nourriciers: 50 vegetable gardens throughout the city of Nantes to counter the crisis

The project promoted by the French city aims to supply poor families with fresh, healthy and local vegetables for free. Fifty vegetable gardens sown throughout the city, 25 tons of product that these will supply between July and September.

Jun. 30 2020

Sucrez vos fraises. The Instagram account that counts sugar abuse in sugar cubes

Sucrez vos fraises is an Instagram account which shows how much sugar we eat every day. From snacks to drinks, here is the amount of sugar in our food.

Sep. 13 2019

Food and sustainability. The answer of 7 world cities to the issue of nutrition

Seven different approaches to the problem of food security for seven major cities of the world committed to achieving a common goal, or rather two, closely related to each other: improving access to food and promoting sustainable production and consumption ...Leggi altro

Jan. 09 2019

School lunches in Italy: setting a healthy pattern for adult life

Today, one in three Italian children under 12 years is overweight. While these rates are far behind those of the United States and the United Kingdom, Italy is working hard to reverse the trend. 

Aug. 31 2017

Technology advancements can treat and conserve barrel jellies as food

Rich in minerals and collagen, jellies could soon end up in our plates. Studies to understand how to treat these creatures could in fact very well add them to the long list of novel foods, increasing the varieties of edible ...Leggi altro

Aug. 15 2017

The 5 “emotional eater” profiles, which one are you?

[caption id="attachment_132425" align="alignnone" width=""]gruppo di amici a tavola[/caption] Behaviours change from person to person, especially so at the dinner table. The relationship with food is both personal – since we choose foods based on individual tastes and preferences – and ...Leggi altro

Feb. 22 2017

Obesity Day, 1 out of 10 Italians is obese. Children run the biggest risks

[caption id="attachment_128271" align="alignnone" width=""]Hamburger[/caption] Overweight – a condition that should not be underestimated – affecting almost half of the Italian population. On Obesity Day (October 10), world day to shed light on the issue of obesity, worldwide talks were all ...Leggi altro

Oct. 14 2016

Sugar in the child’s diet according to the nutritionist

Sucrose is among the most demonized foods. A research team suggests avoiding sugar in children’s eating, and limiting it in adults. As usual, there are different considerations to me made before coming to a conclusion. To understand how to navigate ...Leggi altro

Oct. 01 2016
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