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Roscioli opens in New York: it’s their first branch outside of Italy

Shop, wine bar, restaurant: Roscioli brings the salumeria format to New York; it is the first restaurant of the Roscioli brothers outside of Italy.

Eric Adams and the food policies: New York City’s mayor for Vegan Fridays

Many are the initiatives still to be developed: New York City’s mayor is committed to nutrition-related issues, proposing plant-based options and a great attention to nutritional aspect. Here are the first proposals.

Majolica Mania, the exhibition in New York dedicated to majolica tableware

From floral teapots to oyster plates: the Bard Graduate Center in New York presents an exhibition on the history and art of polychrome glazed pottery.

New York: Eleven Madison Truck is Daniel Humm's new mobile kitchen to help the community

New York's most coveted restaurant will reopen its doors to the public in June. Meanwhile, the commitment to support the community continues through the Rethink association. The latest idea is a food truck that will serve free meals in Brooklyn...

Global Brooklyn, the book on the origins and success of contemporary style coffee shops

From Rio to Melbourne, by way of Cape Town and Mumbai: the new book by Fabio Parasecoli explains the development of the style of contemporary eateries, coffee shops.

Caffè Panna in New York. Hallie Meyer’s latest gelateria, a homage to Rome and Italy

The surname is known: Hallie Meyer is the daughter of Danny Meyer, a world-famous New York restaurateur, particularly tied to Rome and Italian cuisine. And so his daughter, who after a period of training in the the Eternal City, is...

Cassinelli in Astoria: the history of Italian pasta in New York

The oldest Italian pasta factory in Astoria, New York, invites customers to closely observe the pasta production process. Here's the story of Cassinelli.

Ramen Power House in New York: Luca Catalfamo's veg ramen

Casa Ramen Power - the temporary restaurant that opened a few days ago, hosted at a tiny space in Kenmare street, Manhattan - could only be the first test bed for a stable project in the city. Here are the...

Hudson Yards, the new gastronomic destination of New York

It will open on 15th March and it will include the Mercado Little Spain by Adrià brothers, Thomas Keller's restaurant, the fusion world by David Chang and much more. All the details about new Hudson Yards in New York.

Top 5 pizzas in New York

Eating a good pizza in New York has never been easier: there are several Italian places where real Italian pies can be enjoyed. These are the 5 best selected by our guide.
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