Top 5 pizzas in New York

Jan 23 2019, 15:00 | by Michela Becchi
Eating a good pizza in New York has never been easier: there are several Italian places where real Italian pies can be enjoyed. These are the 5 best selected by our guide.

It's a given: the world wants pizza, and it wants it good. International customers are increasingly refining their palate in terms of pizza art, learning to recognize a fine dough, the taste of a San Marzano or Piennolo tomato, the intensity of the buffalo mozzarella, and the fragrance of a well-leavened crust. In short, pizza peis continue to reap success all over the world thanks to a small but reliable group of professionals who are bringing the true taste of Italian pizza to the world, from North America to Asia, by way of Europe and Australia. Authorial pizzas in full Italian style, to be enjoyed in multi-purpose venues that embrace the rhythms of wine bars and Italian bars, and which accompany the pizzas alongside drinks for every occasion, from Spritz for aperitivo, to bitter amari to end the meal. Here are the best Italian places in New York according to the Top Italian Restaurants Guide by Gambero Rosso.

There is also the Roman "pinsa" in the Big Apple, made by Michele Baldacci, a Tuscan chef who managed to bring the taste of the Rome cuisine to Brooklyn. Think pinsa topped with anchovies, for example, leavened to perfection, or the buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto. Plus many other toppings made with quality ingredients coming directly from Italy. There are also traditional dishes, like cacio e pepe and amatriciana in primis, paired with bottles contained in the well-established wine list. Excellent service, professional and attentive.

Camillo – New York – 1146 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn –

Kestè Wall Street
Originally from Terracina, young Giorgia Caporuscio left the family business to open her own pizzeria, a carefully curated place which boasts eight pizza ovens, as well as a space dedicated to a Neapolitan pizza school. A multi-purpose venue where the absolute protagonist is always pizza, well leavened and topped with first choice ingredients. The menu war horse is the "Kestè! pizza, topped with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, arugula, Parma ham and pecorino cheese flakes. Equally delicious is the fried pizza, fragrant and not at all oily. To complete the picture, a good selection of wines from all over Italy.

Kestè Wall Street – New York – 77 Fulton St –

Solid and constant over time: these are the key elements of Ribalta's success, pizzeria by Rosario Procino and Pasquale Cozzolino. Together the duo created a well-functioning system that continues to reap enthusiasm. At the base of everything, quality ingredients, from fiordilatte from Agerola, pasta from Gragnano, plus a well-studied wine list. The pizzas, made by Pasquale, are the fruit of long leavenings and exemplary baking. Enrich the pizzas are succulent ingredients perfectly matched to each other. Do not miss a taste of the "Ribalta" topped with broccoli rabe and sausage, or the "Nerano" topped with mozzarella and marinated zucchini "alla scapece".

Ribalta – New York – 48 East 12th Street –

Song' e Napule

Neapolitan to the core, Ciro Iovine has managed to recreate a corner of his Naples in the heart of the Big Apple. The atmosphere is typical of Neapolitan venues, an informal and welcoming environment where the pizza makers can be observed at work rolling out, topping and baking the pies. The pizzas in pure Neapolitan style have a bulging crust with fine air pockets in the rim, reaching maximum expression in classic variations like the "Margherita" which is fragrant and melty. Also present is a good cuisine, made of traditional dishes, simple and genuine flavours.

Song' e Napule – New York – 146 W Houston St -


Gino Sorbillo doesn't need much of an introduction, the Neapolitan pizza maker who has toured Italy and the world, from Naples to Milan, has landed in New York. After a short experiment with Zia Esterina Sorbillo in 2017, the Neapolitan artisan decided to renew the American challenge with a new place in the district of Noho, focusing everything on his pies. Marinara, Margherita and calzone are the biggest hits. The restaurant also offers a good repertoire of cooked dishes, from gnocchi alla sorrentina to small fried pasta omelettes. Good quality pizzas served with care and attention from the staff that's courteous and punctual.
Sorbillo – New York – 334 Bowery –

by Michela Becchi

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