The Best Specialty coffee bars in Milan

Many different coffee shops make up the Milanese coffee scene, a heterogeneous and multifaceted panorama, which in terms of quality is avant-garde. Here are the best addresses.

Apr. 03 2019

Christmas in Milan: 6 markets for eating well in Milan during the holidays

Christmas is approaching, and the hankering for sweets is starting too. Christmas markets are the ideal place to taste delicacies from every where in an enchanted atmosphere: here are 6 appointments in Milan.

Dec. 19 2018

Food trends in Milan. The most interesting are in Chinatown

In the area surrounding via Paolo Sarpi in Milan, is Italy's most important and industrious Chinatown. Now, after an initial immigration period one hundred years, the Chinese community is one of the most solid, boasting advanced gastronomy that's difficult to ...Leggi altro

Nov. 27 2018

10 September Food Festivals

From cheese to couscous, by way of sake and desserts, September is the opening of the food festival season in Italy. Here are the most interesting ones. 

Sep. 12 2017

Milan counts more than 500 Botteghe Storiche, such as Al Matarel, Pasticceria Gattullo, and the Sartori gelato kiosk

Ossobuco and traditional minestrone in the historic Brera trattoria, the panettone at Gattullo since 1961, and the oldest gelaterie in the city. There are many dining and food shopping places in the newly updated list of Botteghe Storiche in Milan, ...Leggi altro

Jun. 30 2017

First Italian Chocolate Academy Centre by Barry Callebaut opens in Milan. Davide Comaschi to direct

A group specialized in cacao transformation and chocolate production has developed over time an avant-garde teaching format, now with 19 branches worldwide. The twentieth will open in Milan, the first in Italy. Founder Callebaut intends investing and offering new job ...Leggi altro

Jun. 26 2017

Piuarch, the office rooftop garden in Brera: urban farming in Milan

Urban farming is on the rise in Italy. Rooftop vegetable gardens are the latest rage, born from the minds of a team of resourceful Milan architects. 

Jun. 15 2017

Orsonero Coffee, third wave coffee in Milan

The budding Italian coffee scene is expanding, despite there being a long way to go still. Canadian Brent Jopson takes a wild gamble and opens a specialty coffee joint with modern extraction methods in Milan. 

Dec. 26 2016

The Italian debut of UberEATS: Milan food delivery by Uber

[caption id="attachment_128703" align="alignnone" width=""]UberEATS[/caption] UberEATS hits Milan. After the news leaks circulated in the last few months, and the Twitter updates on the issue, Uber’s food delivery service lands in Milan, Italy with a massive restaurant affiliate list, free deliveries ...Leggi altro

Oct. 28 2016

Honey from bee hives on rooftops and museums, this is the urban beekeeping of UrBees

[caption id="attachment_128430" align="alignnone" width=""]Urbees, progetto di apicoltura urbana[/caption] Bees will actually bring nature back into metropolitan contexts: urban beekeeping is an increasingly popular trend. And not just in forward thinking cities like New York, Tokyo and London, but also in ...Leggi altro

Oct. 20 2016
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