Darlington Market: street food sold in one of the UK's oldest covered markets

Pizza, burgers, wraps and goulash: it's all available at the renovated Darlington covered market, one of the oldest in the UK. A historic place that after more than 200 years changes its skin and becomes dedicated to street food.

Farmers’ markets in Rome not to be missed

Fruit and vegetables, preserves, fresh pasta, baked goods, cheese: at Roman farmers' markets, many are the excellent local products presented directly by the producers. Here is a selection worth visiting.

Boulevard Market, Islington's food market, opens in London

From vegan dishes to fresh pasta, from Sicilian cannoli to Korean recipes, here's what to taste in the new London market that is preparing to open its doors in September.

The Wuhan wet market is a digital art piece. Anyone can visit, using a smartphone

Wuhan, Wet Market, is the digital art piece by artist John Craig Freeman, who started the project in 2016, unaware of what would have happened in 2020. Today his exploration of the Chinese market in Wuhan proves to be very...

Wine Travel Food - December 2018

Natural wines from Slovenia, Christmas markets, travels, Champagne and more: here are the latest food and wine news from the world.

Christmas in Milan: 6 markets for eating well in Milan during the holidays

Christmas is approaching, and the hankering for sweets is starting too. Christmas markets are the ideal place to taste delicacies from every where in an enchanted atmosphere: here are 6 appointments in Milan.

Toyosu: the new Tokyo fish market. After over 80 years Tsukiji retires

Marked by years of announcements and delays, the fate of the Tokyo fish market - among the most famous in the world - has finally found a stable configuration and has moved to Toyosu. 

New food halls open in London: the payback of the British food markets

Asian and Italian cuisine, sandwiches, burgers, desserts and other specialties from all over the world gathered under one roof. It's the new London Market Halls project, a series of three gastronomic hubs in the ity's biggest nerve centers. 

The Farmer's Market at the Circus Maximus reopens. Again under Coldiretti with products from Lazio and earthquake areas

After months of diatribes the most famous Rome farmer’s market at the Circus Maximus will reopen. It had closed last winter with no news of a new concession. Back then the “eviction” of Campagna Amica was the talk of the...

Italian food halls and markets opening in the United States

First it was Eataly, now among the infinite number of markets and food halls offering local US residents affordable foods from all over the world, Italian food seems to be playing a pivotal role. From Miami to Washington DC, by...
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