Toyosu: the new Tokyo fish market. After over 80 years Tsukiji retires

Nov 27 2018, 14:13 | by Livia Montagnoli

Marked by years of announcements and delays, the fate of the Tokyo fish market - among the most famous in the world - has finally found a stable configuration and has moved to Toyosu. 


Visited every year by tens of thousands of tourists, the Tsukiji fish market was above all an open window on a very important element of Japanese gastronomic culture and national economy, and everyone in the city considered it an institution. For this reason the first rumors about the move from the historic structure (now several years ago, the decision dates back to 2001, when the space of Toyosu was first identified) have solicited the interest of public opinion, which has followed by the events of the highly frequented market, which with its 671 authorized vendors, distributed thus far over 23 hectares, and also the largest wholesale fish market in the world (maintaining its record intact).

Dedicated in the cause of the Olympics, which Tokyo will host in 2020, the Tuskiji market has always been the symbol of the symbiotic relationship between Japanese cuisine and the ocean: frequented by chefs and restaurateurs of the city every morning, many renowned international chefs have been bewitched by the atmosphere that until a few days ago buzzed among the stalls. In numbers, the story of Tsukiji is equally impressive: over 500 species of fish are sold daily, including very expensive sushi cuts, 700 thousand tons of product sold each year, more than 12 million euro in daily turnover. After more than 80 years, however, the historic structure has had its day, and last October 6th definitively closed its doors.

Behind the decision is also the desire to modernize the spaces from an architectural and technological point of view. Two buildings of the new marketplace citadel, one dedicated to the sea - that visitors will be able to observe only from the raised balconies on the second floor - the other to fruit and vegetables. Around there will be fish restaurants and various gastronomic shops.

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