Gin made by Queen Elizabeth II produced with herbs from Buckingham Palace

The new product, which expands the substantial merchandising line of the British Crown, is already available for online purchase, and will help to overcome the crisis due the lack of income from visits to Royal palaces. The herbs for the...

UK: the colour pink tickles Britain's spirits and wine market

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association say that 2018 was a record year for gin sales, especially pink gin. Here are all the details.

Edinburgh Gin designs a cutting-edge distillery in the heart of the Scottish capital

The fame (and history) of the whiskey distilleries definitely when it comes to describing Scotland's iconic distillery tradition, rules. Yet even gin wants its part in the beverage scene. Here are the latest news from Edinburgh Gin.

Imea, Gineprina d’Olanda: the Italian gin with international appeal

Richly flavored, spicy and penetratin: Gineprina d'Olanda is a unique Italian gin that maintains its personality even when joined to other spirits. And it's one of the oldest spirits, dating back to late Nineteenth century.

Three cocktails made with Elephant Gin

The mixology bug has elected gin as one of the world’s trendiest spirits, Italy included. Here are three recipes designed for you by barlady Katerina Logvinova.

The Botanical Club in Milan. Spleen et Ideal gin and a second space on Tortona

Alessandro Longhin and Davide Martelli started their Milan adventure under a year ago: a micro-distillery, cocktail bar and bistro that blends quality cocktails and fine dining. Let’s take a look at the newly opened second space on via Tortona. 

Gin? Excellence is made in Italy

Italy = Grappa? Certainly, that’s what tradition says. But it’s also true that the passion for mixed drinks and international fashions have made gin one of the trendiest spirits in the world, Italy included. Here are the 15 best labels.
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